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Privacy Policy

                          Privacy Policy

                    Privacy Policy : Updated at 30th October 2015.


Our Blog is one those websites providing technological , Tricks and Softwares information to our user and visitors which trusts us.


We donot allow any one to copy our content by copy /paste and use it with other name, we only allows you to share our content if you want. Donot give sexual or abusive comments otherwise you will be blocked and reported as well.


Childs or overage can view our website without any risk because our website is fully protected from nudity and other viruses which are strictly prohibited for youngs.

Copy Paste

All content written on is fully written by our self not copy paste. We worked hard to write a rich document for our visitors, so dont neglect any word to read. Do not miss use or copy our contant directly. if you want any information then you can contact us directly.


No one is allowed to comment in an abusive language or can post a nude image. other wise strict action will be taken against him.


All the content written on our blog is axactly true and there are not tricks involved in our articles. You can trust our content  and can use it free of cost.


You can subscribe to our news letter for updates to your emails directly by our website. This subscription will help you in keeping the new updates in your mind. for example if we update any article, you will get a mail on your email you have given in subscription box.

Thank you and keep in touch with us. Regards
Own Abbas : Founder
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