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Create Facebook Profile Picture Frame │ 2017

A couple of months ago I noticed that Facebook has introduced a new feature for applying custom frames on your profile pictures online. These frames were introduced to support a brand or to show a specific day/event. Later on, the Facebook frame developers started introducing 3D Facebook frames in which you can apply live 3D frames while taking selfies or taking landscape photos.

After Facebook introduced the Live News Feeds Like SnapChat and Whatsapp, the use of those filters was going viral and people were getting addicted to it. As now its 2017 and everyone want to have something of his own, Facebook allowed public users to create their own Facebook Profile picture frames.

create facebook profile picture frame and become popular on facebook

Facebook has added two different options for people who want to create Facebook profile frames. These two different categories are two different types of creations. First one is quite simple and easy to have because in that part it will take 2 minutes to finalize your pre-madded frame for Facebook profiles. While number 2 is for pros, mean to say that for this option you need to be an expert in making 3D avatars because Facebook's own team is working with that. You will have to fill out the application form in order to work with 3D frames for Facebook Live Camera.
No 2 is not a facebook frame however it is being used to apply live masks and filters while shooting a video or while taking a photo.
 How to get into this process? Its quite easy. Scroll down a lil on your news fee and at the bottom left you will see an option calling for Create A Frame.

create facebook profile picture frame

Next, it will take you to the same page with 2 different categories. Choose one of your favorite one you want to work with and proceed. Almost everyone knows about that procedure but still there are few people who are not aware of such opportunities to work with huge social media's.

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