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Canada Visit Visa for Students Holding F1 Visa ( Apply Online )

Canada is not less than a dream place and not to lose this chance, every year thousands of F1 students from all around the world apply for Canadian Visit/Tourist visa. Canada is a very beautiful place and well know for better political situations, clean atmosphere and for snow in winters. Architecturally it's not less than from other countries. CN tower is one of the most famous places to visit in  Canada while Canada has the most powerful trains in the world.

how to apply for canadian visit and tourist visa from usa if you are on student F1 visa

Let's come back to the Visit visa process for students holding F1 Visa in the United States. Getting a Canadian visit visa from Asian countries is quite difficult now because of the bad political ties and terrorism. Canadian Immigration knows that all the people who are the victims of terrorism are not the terrorists but according to Law if there is a Law for any country, each and every person will have to follow that. ( Except High Authorities )

For an International student in the USA with an F1 visa, it's not that much difficult to get a Canadian visit visa because of a friendly border connection of the USA with Canada. Students have the opportunity to explore South and East America and for this can get a temporary visitor visa for a minimum of 6 months.

The very first thing you will have to do is to check your eligibility whether you need a visitor visa or not. After checking your eligibility you'll come to know whether you need an ETA or a temporary resident visa.
If you're applying for canadian visit visa from USA as an F1 visa holder, then Candian embassy will take 21 days to process your visa application to the final decision. ( It can take even longer than the estimated time, CIC says...

 Which Documents you need to apply?

  • Scanned copy of your Passport Information Pages. ( Digital )
  • A digital Canadian visitor visa size Photo.
  • Scanned copy of your U.S visa. ( Digital )
  • Scanned copy of your I20 ( Digital )
  • A completed IMM5257 Form. ( Download Here )
  • A completed IMM5645 Form ( Download Here )
  • Scanned copy of the invitation letter from your sponsor ( If you're visiting someone in Canada )
  • Scanned Bank statement of the person bearing your travel expenses.
  • Letter of explanation to explain why you want to visit Canada.
  • A supporting document showing your booked Flight ticket or Hotel booking.
Download Checklist

Is there any fee to pay online for visa application?

- Yes, there is always a fee of $100 for your visa application but if you are applying online then most probably you will be paying extra $85 for your biometrics. 

- Once you finish all the above steps, the only thing which is left is to create an online application account. To create an application account, click here

- Now scroll down to the center and you will see an option calling for " Continue to GCKey ". Click on it and it will take you to the Login page and at the right side, you will see " Sign Up " button which will allow you to create an application account.

- Once you will start creating your account, it can take upto 20 minutes to create it because CIC will ask a couple of question from you to gather some information before starting an application. When you finish giving all the answers, CIC automatic system will provide you a " Personal Reference Code " at the end which you will have to remember otherwise you can get in trouble while creating an application online.

- Now scroll down and you'll see 4 different categories of visa you can apply online from USA. Select the first one as per demand and continue...

how to apply canada visit visa online from usa

- After that, it will ask for your previously saved Reference code, put it down into the empty field and continue to your first online visa application. You must have all the documents ready for submission because even if a single document is missing, you won't be able to submit your application form until you finish all the requirements.

- After paying your visa fee by submitting all the documents, you'll get a confirmation email within a day confirming that Canadian embassy received your visa application and now they want you to give your fingerprints and a photo to their nearest USCIS office. Once you get the confirmation email, you'll also get an attached letter for your biometrics which you will have to bring with you in hard copy to USCIS office.

Now the only thing you have to do is to wait for your visa application decision which would normally take 20-25 days or might be more as there are a number of applications CIC immigration have to look over them.

Things To Keep in Mind:

  • Use your College/University email to create an online application.
  • Watch your submitted documents twice before submission.
  • Get a digital copy of your Visa photography by a good photographer.
  • Try to explain as much as you can while writing " Letter of Explanation ".
  • Donot share your visa application details with others.
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