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First Human Head Transplant - Scheduled This December 2017

In the year 2017, an Italian neuroscientist Sergio Canavero shocked the world by announcing the first ever " Human Head Transplant " Surgery in this December 2017. This news may shock many of you and might sound like a horror movie scene, but there is one man in the world who is expecting to have a better life after this operation.

Valery Spiridonov is a Russian voulnteer for First Human Head Transplant Surgery Scheduled this December, 2017

Yes, a 30 years old man, Valery Spiridonov, a Russian scientist participated in this process in hope to get a better life like others has in this world. Valery Spiridonov is suffering from a disease known as Werdnig-Hoffmann. This disease causes a major problem in humans body by affecting Motor Neurons which send signals to other parts of human body for growth and blood circulation but unfortunately, there is no treatment available for the disease, and surely this is the reason why Spiridonov rose up as a volunteer for " Human Head Transplant ."

Spiridonov told Central European News (CEN) that he always wished to do something really great and this was a pleasant feeling for him when he heard about this surgery. He said that there is a significant risk in this operation, but once it goes successful, he could have a better life than he already had.

There are many risks in that surgery like will the doctors be able to connect the spinal cord again once it is rejected from the previous body? What if the new body declined to accept the new head? Well, this surgery is not guaranteed at all because no doctor has ever successfully reconnected the spinal cords before in the past. Spiridonov is aware of all these life risks, but he is still a confident volunteer of this Human Head Transplant Surgery.

Doctor Canavero will be performing this surgery while teaming up with another neuroscientist Xiaoping RenRen is not a new face to the world because he had already done Mice Head Transplant on 1,000+ Mice's, but none of the mice's were survived for more than 7 minutes while for these 7 minutes they were able to drink, breathe and see.

The first Head Transplant Surgery was successfully done, almost 50 years ago by Doctor Robert White, in 1970's. He performed the first Head transplant on a Monkey which survived for 9 days after the surgery but unfortunately, he died because his new body rejected the new head and his body became paralyzed before dying. 

How The Head Will Be Transplanted?

First, Spiridonov's will be cooled down at around 50 Degree Fahrenheit which will delay the death of body tissues for around one hour. This means that the doctors will have very less time to shift the head.

Around 80 Surgeons will take part in this surgery and according to Canavero - the surgery will cost Ten Million Dollars - 90% chances are the surgery will be successful. 

They will use a Transparent Diamond blade to remove both body heads ( Spiridonos's & the donor ) from the bodies and their spinal cords at the same time. The both ends of the spinal cord then are fused with a chemical known as polyethylene glycol, by which they cells of the spinal cord are made of. The muscles and the blood supplying veins of Spiridonovo's head would then be connected to the donor's body, and then he will be kept in the coma for 5 weeks or more. Once the whole surgery finishes, then the movement in Spiridonov's body will tell whether it is successful surgery or he loses his life.

Below is the detailed video of Neuroscientist Sergio, explaining the whole operation to the audience.

In the end, I would just like to say that don't miss that chance to watch that surgery result in this December. We will update the results of the operation once it is done, so if you want to see the result, keep visiting our website for future posts.
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