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How to make a Blog Post - Full Tutorial

how to make a blog post with all steps and complete tutorial from A to Z


Blog post plays a very vital role in the Blog content. As we all knows that content is the king of Blogging/Ranking so to manage the content and to give it a perfect shape, we create Blog posts. Making a blog post is quite tight because making a blog post with content is not the complete thing. However, it is very necessary to add a soul in its words/sentences so that more and more people can read it by taking an interest. Blog posts are the primary source of getting traffic and earn plenty of money from advertisements. So today I will tell you that how you can make a big Blog post by using some SEO and your own skills within a couple of minutes. Below I will discuss some points in a sequenced manner so that you can catch each and every point at your best.

Choose Title

The very first thing you will need to do is to choose a topic for your blog post. The blog title is the most important part because your post will appear in the Google search just by your blog title. So first give 10 - 15 Minutes in finding a blog title and think in your mind what if it was you who was searching for a blog post and commonly what you write in the search engine to find that post. Use the same strategy every time to see what a person could possibly find a particular topic.

Write Introduction

Once you choose a topic, now it's time to write content for your blog post. ( I will suggest you write post about that topic for which you have plenty of knowledge ) So, the very first thing you will do is that, write an introductory paragraph of what you are going to talk in the post and how it would be beneficial. Start writing with the theme of the topic and then give a little definition from the people that how badly people are searching for such knowledge.

Make Some Points

The next step for further writing, the process you will follow is that, make a list for the points/steps you want to write/discuss in your post. Then write 4 - 5 Lines for each point and define every part deeply so that the reader could easily understand and choose your website for the future guidelines.

Helping Images

Helping images are those images/screenshots which define a step deeply. For example, if you want to show the exact way of doing something instead of just indicating about the step, you use these images. Keep one thing in your mind that don't use too many images. Try to use less but informative images, and if they are high-quality images, then you can Customize Images online from many websites.

by this you can reduce the size of your large images without loosing pizels.
Add Alt Tag in your photos with Title & Description for better Ranking.

Labels & Permalink 

When you are finished with your post more than 80% than the next 20% is obviously adding your post labels and Permalinks ( If needed ). Add labels from the right options at the top. Labels are the categories which differentiate between two different types of posts on a blog. Permalink is the link to your post. Sometimes your blog title become too big, and the automatic link generated by blogger eat up many of your blog titles words. So to avoid from this, we use Custom Permalink which is the third option in the right list of your New Post Tab.

Check With Grammarly

Grammarly is a spell & Sentence checking software/extension. This is used to correct grammar mistakes in your blog post. This software is too wise that it automatically correct your grammar and make your post 100% safe/Perfect for a reader.


Last but not the least, let's come towards the ending part. Here you will talk about all the stuff you have discussed above. Summarize the whole post into simple words or if you have links for more useful helping materials then mention it with a word backlink so that people can easily access that. In conclusion, you can share your upcoming plans for that posts or relevant.

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