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Interview with Mudassir Malik

Hello !

Once again I,m here to tell you about a very intellectual Personality. Today we I will be interview Mr.Mudassir Malik who is a very talented man with Marketing skills. So, I,m not going to tell you anything in short. For that I have asked few question to Mudassir and see how he respond to them !

 Tell us about your Portfolio

As you know, I am a freelance paid advertising specialist and in the past 9 years, I have set up hundreds of successful paid ad campaigns on google, bing, yahoo and facebook etc. My clients are mostly based in and serve United States, UK, Australia and Canada. My clients belong from different niches including doctors, lawyers, dentists, handymen, florists, spas, gyms, plumbers and technicians etc. I also have promoted different products for various clients including software's, hardware's and supplements etc.

What is your education background?

I graduated from International Islamic University with major inComputer Science.

From how long you have been in freelancing? 

I am freelancing since 2007 and active on upwork/odesk since 2008.

Why did you feel to become certified with  Digital Marketer, Bing Professional, Google Analytics & Google Partners etc? 

I was already managing many AdWords campaigns and then I felt like there is more demand of being an AdWords certified. It was 2012 and google used to charge for each paper but a believe it was a wise decision considering the number of benefits I received after that.

Digital Marketers certifications are very expensive, each one costs at least $500 but the way they teach and their contents are just awesome. I heard a lot about them and went for them.

Which strategies did you used to become a google partner? 

One has to pass at least 2 exams and manage $10K spend to become a google partner and that's all I did as well. Exams were not very difficult for me as I was already using AdWords since long and I was already managing more than $200K at that time monthly so it wasn't much difficult for me.

What is your time structure, like how much time you give to your work and Home ? 

I work for around 40 hours/week. I don't take more work than that because I am a married person and love to spend time with my daughter too.

What are your future goals? Is there anything else you want to achieve? 

I want to teach now. I believe there are many youngsters who do have the potentials to start their online career. I have already done a couple of webinars and response was very positive so now I feel like, I should give my 2 cents back to  my country.

Any tips for the new bloggers/Freelancers? 

I always believe that communication skills are the most important thing when you are working online. One should have a strong hold over English both writing as well as speaking because most of the potential clients are from English speaking countries. Even if your expertise are just 60% but your communication is 100% you can cover it up but vice versa is not possible.

Q: Are you on social Media? What are those?

I use facebook and LinkedIn for my personal use. However for clients. Sometimes I also use twitter advertising feature. Don't get enough time to use all the network for my own.
On facebook, I interact with different people and also have started sharing my knowledge on some groups of facebook. I also have started advertising my webinars on facebook too.
On LinkedIn, I keep my profile updated and sometimes get the job offers from there too.

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