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Interview with Ali Ahmad Awan - Social Media Activist

ali ahmad awan is a social media activist at

Hi Guys,
             Once again i,m here to share a very interesting story of a person with you. Today i,m going to take an interview of a very multi-talented person named as Ali Ahmad Awan. I already know this guy but I think it would be much better if Ali himself will tell something about himself. So for this, with loyalty, I asked some questions from Ali and see below how he replied to them...

Tell us some information about yourself Briefly.

Well! I am Ali Ahmad Awan. I am Student of 2nd Year at GCU so Its a privilege for me to be a RAVIAN. My Passion is To Study More and More about the behavior and minds of people. I Love to embrace all aspects of conscious and unconscious experiences as well as thoughts. By Keeping in view all this, I have aimed to become a Competent Psychologist in future.

When you started your Social Media Activities?

I started my Social Media Activities 6 years ago when i was quite young by age but High by my thinking.

What is your purpose of making videos over Social Media?

To motivate others to bring positive change in themselves .
To express myself.
To make a difference in the society.

Have you ever Tried/Participated in Social Activities?

Yes. Once i was invited to address students. I also used to attend different effective and skillful Workshops/Conferences to enhance my exposure and experience. 

Which strategies you are using to build up your audience?

I build up my audience by getting socialized. I use Social Media Platforms to interact with other people who belongs to different tribes and cultures all around the world.

Which skills do you have and how you are Utilizing them?

I am using my learning and motivational skills by making some motivational and thoughts provoking videos that definitely urge people and specially youth to govern themselves.

Are you trying to learn something new? If, What is that?

I am always learning new things and trying to better myself. Nowadays, I am learning Android App development, which i think would help me a lot in future because the world is becoming more computerized.

What is your Daily Routine on a working Day?

 I love to get up early in the morning and greet a wonderful new day. I suggest creating a morning ritual that includes saying thanks for blessings.

8 AM - 2 PM: College Time

2:36 PM - 4:35 PM: Learning & Book Reading Time 

4:35 PM - 9:00 PM: Time of taking evening coaching classes

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM: GYM Time

10:15 PM - 11:30 PM: I spend time with my family

At 11:30 PM, I prefer to go to bed 

Any Advise you want to give to your Followers?

I advise them to live in the present moment and practice mindfulness.As Eckhart Tolle mentioned in his best-selling book Power of Now:
"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life."

What are your Social Media Links?


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