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Ielts preparation, tips , trick and methods of how to get 7+ bands in ielts


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing system. This test is placed for all those students who wish to study abroad only if they are from a non-English speaking country where their first language was not English. IELTS scores decide the eligibility of a person whether he can listen , write or speak English well or not. It consists of 4 different modules which are LISTENING, READING, WRITING & SPEAKING .

So friends today i am going to tell you about all these 4 modules and all tips and tricks and helping material which can help you out in attempting and clearing your IELTS test. Be attentive while reading these instructions because these little points can lead you towards high success.


Listening is the first module while test you have to face. This is the most hardest and the most easiest module. The reason between both reasons is that if you lose your concentration for even a single point., you can never get the answer of the question back and you couldn't even think that about which part the recording is being played. The easiest part is that if you will keep concentrating then you can even secure full 9 Bands which are easily possible only in Listening.

Tips & Tricks

  • Read the questions and underline the keywords which you think can be used in the recording by which you can easily recognize that what question is being answered.
  • If you can't hear the recording of a specific part, simply leave it and go for other.
  • Don't take much time in thinking about the answer because you can miss others.
  • Try to watch English movies while preparing for your IELTS exam.


Reading is the toughest module in IELTS exam because in this module, you are given 3 long paragraphs/essays of almost 1000 words each to read. It's really hard because you are only given one hour for reading the passages and to answer the questions. For that, you must be good in reading English fastly and below are some tricks to pass this easily.

Tips & Tricks

  • Watch English Movies with subtitles while preparing for your IELTS Exam.
  • Before reading the passage, write down the important keywords from the questions so that when you see the exact keyword/synonym, you will come to know that the answer of a specific question is in that part.
  • Don't go so deep inside while reading the passages because you are having very short time.


Writing is my favorite module in IELTS because this is the most surprising part when you see a topic and graph about which you have to write. This part is all on your own thoughts because you can write anything you want but it must be relevant. There are two part in writing task. First one is to write on a specific topic and the other one is to describe a graph. So, put your efforts in describing your thoughts.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to give example while writing an essay on given topic.
  • Write as much as you can.
  • Avoid grammar mistakes.
  • make a plan in your mind that which points you are going to describe in your essay.
  • In every paragraph, make sure that you included the theme of the paragraph in the first line of each para, then 3 - 6 lines about your theme and last 1.5 - 2 line of conclusion.
  • Add last paragraph of conclusion.
  • While writing on GRAPH, maintain information sequence .
  • Write each sentence according to the information given in graph.


Speaking is basically an interview in which the interviewer asks you about the general things like what you do, what you don't like to do and what things you want to bla bla bla.. So this is an easy module because the interviewer is always very polite and tries his best to provide you a very friendly atmosphere.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be on time like 15 minutes before the interview time.
  • Be confident and do not hesitate to say anything.
  • Keep eye contact.
  • Have smile on your face.
  • Don't Lie because they are experts.
  • Sit straight and be professional with your body language.
  • Speak slowly but confidently.
  • Try to give examples.

So, friends these are the very simple and straight forwards tips for your IELTS test and after reading this i think you will be feeling that you just had an IELTS test because i desacribed it very deeply. Still if you have any problem then you contact me. 
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