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Earn Amazon Gift Cards and Free Samples From Crowdtap

Earn rewards and free samples from crowdtap

Hellow Guys ! this is Own Abbas and today I'm here to tell you a very special thing, actually today I'm going to tell you about a very outstanding website by which you can earn Hundreds of Dollars $$$ and free samples of different and top brands totally FREE .

Personal Experience & Introduction

Free? Yes, Free because I always wrote what I did and what I did is my experience so my recent experience of online earning was with Crowdtap when I came to the USA . Crowdtap is really an amazing website which pays you in the form of amazon Giftcards which you can use on amazon, anytime anywhere. There are too many websites like Swagbucks etc which pays you via gift cards but the easiest and highly paying one is CrowdTap .

My first experience was not so good because I was taking this as a scam and a slow website like clicking sites which pays you 1$ after spending many days but I became shocked when I saw that I just got the Amazon $5 gift card within 25 Minutes. Really ! that was an eye opening moment. Although this was not a big amount but it was still free and I could use it on amazon. Time to time the very next day I just woke up and made $10 in just 14 minutes and I was just getting addicted towards that. There are much more things to tell you about that but I think I should move to the method now because I know you are really excited to see that.

How To Get Start

The first thing you will need to do is to go to Crowdtap website ( ) and signup using your Facebook account  ( Recommended ) or your email address . I used recommended with facebook sign up because a time will come when crowdtap will ask you to attach your facebook account with it in order to send you your gift card to your email. :)

Once you signed up, crowdtap will ask you to complete your information and I am mentioning this part because if you will complete your info, you will be given 1$ for just joining which is quite true. Now let's move towards the working over crowdtap in order to earn your first gift card.

How It Works?

how crowd tap works in earning credits for gift cards

There are three simple steps to earn *Points and I will describe them shortly so that you can get started soon.

Polls are the simplest and easiest tasks on crowdtap but with on +2 points per poll but the easy thing is that only with a single click in a single second you get +2 points just for that simple task and there would be more than 100 polls available at the same time which helps you in completing your points.

  • *Points : you will earn points in order to get your gift card and when you completes your point target, it will immediately send you a notification that you earned another gift card. 
In photo tasks, you are shown a topic and you will have to submit a photo related to that topic if you are using this way. You can even download the photo from google and after submission, it can take few hours to add points because photo submission goes for approval first but the cool thing is that for this you will be given 20 points and sometimes 30 also.

Media tasks are my most favorite tasks because they take only 4 seconds top complete and you get 20 points at the spot which is really amazing. In this task, you will be asked to comment in a blank and to view a media file which you can close immediately and continue.

Sample tasks are very few in number and always multitasking because they not only gives you point but the task of which brand you are completing will also send you a sample of their product to you address free of cost and in that way you keep getting these types of surprises and sometimes they send you gift cards with their samples also. :)

Earning Proofs

how i earned $5 in 7 minutes from crowdtaphow i earned $10 in 11 minutes from crowdtaphow i earned $15 in 14 minutes from crowdtap

Some Tips/Points You Must Before Starting :

  • You must have at least 25 friends in your facebook account in order to sign up with that or to attach otherwise it will give an error if you will not have more than 25 friends.
  • you can only create one crowdtap account from 1 IP because they have a very fast tracking system. If you will make another account from the same IP then you will not be paid for that.
  • Don't go too deep in commenting while doing tasks, just write anything if you want to earn points fast.
So, friends this was the new method and my own experienced platform which I shared with you today. If you like that, do comment below and share with your friends. If you need any info regarding this post or any other post, than you can inbox me on my Facebook page or you can catch me at google+ +Own Abbas or Twitter @ownabbasz .

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