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USA Study Visa Procedure ( F1 )

USA always remains a very interesting topic of all countries because America is the top leading country among all countries in all aspects like Technology, Education, Economy, Wealth, Facilities & Currency Rates.What if you are given an opportunity to study in USA ? Have you ever think about that? Obviously its a dream of every person, even an Australian citizen wants to study in USA, so today i will tell you that why you should study in USA and how an International Student can get study visa and what is the procedure.

Why To Study in USA ?

USA is the center of top educational institutes/universities and this is the main reason to study here because when we start living in a highly educated atmosphere which is a leading country in the world then no body will even think to miss that opportunity. As we all know that company matters a lot, so the educational atmosphere in USA is the best and no doubt that USA graduates always make a history which lasts for hundreds of years. The top universities of the world like Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Umass & i am lucky that i am studding in Umass.
Top universities of USA and World

How To Get USA Student Visa ( F1 ) ?

So, guys I am going to tell you some points sequence wise. Make sure that you are reading each point.
  • Apply for some well reputed College/University in USA.
I will prefer you to apply online for the university because the consultants do the same thing and they charges you Rs 5000-10,000 only for this task. So if you want to save money then do follow this. One more thing to keep in mind that now a days educational consultants are putting students into Navitas which is a private firm, works for university. Consultant will ask you to go for navitas program if you will apply admission through consultant. The reason of insisting a student to get into that program instead of direct admission is that the consultant & Navitas both takes commission from your Paid fee. So avoid this if you really want to save huge amount and Time. 
  • Get Conditional admission offer letter from university.
The conditional offer letter is that in which the university tells you that they are interested in giving you admission but before that they want to verify your financial documents so that they can clarify that you can afford U.S expenses and university fee.
  • Pay initial deposit and provide financial assisting documents to university to get i20.
Once you paid the initial fee and provides financial documents , the university will take a follow up on that and within 8 to 20 days you will get your i20 if your financial assistance got approved.
  • After getting i20, apply for visa by paying visa fees.
Now after getting your i20, you will apply for your visa interview appointment and for this you will pay $200 online to U.S high commission for visa fee and Rs 17,500+ rupees fee in bank for visa interview appointment. Once you paid that, you will choose your desired available date for interview.
  • Get an appointment for visa interview at your nearest U.S Consulate/Embassy.
Now you got your desired day appointment and now its time to prepare for your interview and below i will give you some visa interview tips which can help you.
  • After visa approval, pay your remaining fee, come to U.S and start your Career. 
Once your visa got approved, now pay your remaining fee or you can also pay that fee in cash after arriving to U.S but its not safe to bring huge amount while immigration on Airport and this happens often with students.

Visa Interview Tips :

  1. Be confident while talking and while being in the waiting line.
  2. Do make an eye contact while talking to Visa Officer.
  3. Keep smiling while answering and don't show any nervousness.
  4. Keep university/College's address & number in your mind.
  5. You must have a solid reason that why you are going to study your intended course.
  6. Be Positive in every answer.

Keep These Documents Ready Before Coming To U.S :

  • Police Clarence Certificate
  • Polio Vaccination Certificate
  • A Set of Copies of all your documents.
  • Your all original transcripts/documents.
If you are still having any difficulty with this information, you can contact me for guideline. Share this precious information with all of your friends. 
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