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Track Your Stolen Mobile In Pakistan

how to track your mobile in pakistan

This is one of the hottest topic ever for Pakistani's a they are going through a time where its really too much hard to escape yourself from Phone Snatching. I the recent few years the robberies are on the peak in all Pakistan , India and Bangladesh but as a Pakistani i will share my methodologies with my Pakistani friends to help them in getting back their snatched mobile phones. 

As we all know that its almost impossible to ask Police for help as they will only work for you if you will pay them big amount and these manual helps really sucks a man. So its looks not possible to ask for a help and then start finding the person who snatched your Phone. So guys, today i will tell you how you can track your snatched , stolen or Lost cell Phone on Pakistan. Follow the below steps and apply them. Hopefully you will reach to your Phone.
You must have your mobiles IMEI & SERIAL Number in order to trace your mobile location. ( Example is shown Below )
Mobile IMEI and Serial number

How To Find that IMEI and SERIAL ?

Open your mobiles back cover and remove the battery. There after removing the battery, you will see some information written on the board including many codes, Manufacturer and Assembling are etc.. Just look out for IMEI and SERIAL Number/Code inside and you will definitely find that and if you till having some problem then see below image for help. 

where is imei and serial number is located

You can also find your IMEI Number by simply dialing *#06# from your mobile and your IMEI number will automatically become visible on your mobile screen.

How To Track/Trace Your Mobile?

  • Go to your email account and compose a new message to send.
  • Now add as a recipient to whom you are going to send your email.
  • Now write down your IMEI & SERIAL below in the composing tab and explain the complete strategy by which your phone was lost/stolen or snatched and Send.
  • Now PTA will look on it and they will email you back with the location of your mobile phone where it was last Switched On or if its still switched On and they will provide you other information too to reach that place where your phone is currently running.

This method is fully working and donot forget to share this with your friends so that it can help them in future. 

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