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How To Double Your Adsense Earning On Blog

How to double your non hosted adsense earning on your blog.

Asalam o Alikum. So guys today's topic is on one of the most asked question that how to increase or double your Adsense earning. Previously i saw many of the people who asked me about Adsense earning that they are having thousands of views on daily basis and they are still not getting even a $1/day but today i have a great tip for all of Adsense user's which can double/triple you adsense earning. There is no trick behind. Its just a new feature which is recently launched by Google Adsense to give a better interface to users.

Adsense Mobile Ads :

How to doube our earning with mobile ads

Google Adsense enrolled a new ad system in which you can monetize your blog with mobile display ads. This was never available before and every-time your mobile viewer also faces the desktop ads but now you can customize ads according to Mobile view.

The benefit is that when you will adsense mobile ads then every-time when a mobile user will view your blog/website, he/she will not see desktop ads how ever only mobile customized ad will be shown to him as shown above.

Benefits Of Mobile View Adsense Ads :

  • Most of the users use mobiles to explore internet so in that way no ad will be missed while exploring your website.
  • Adsense mobile ads sticks with smart phone screen which keeps user to see ads for long time.
  • Mobile ads have excellent layout which keeps user to stay on your website.
These benefits helps you in doubling your adsense earnings.

How To Enable Mobile Ads On Blog?

  1. Go to your Adsense Account Dashboard.
  2. There you will be seeing a notification bar above indicating " Optimization 1 " and go to that.
  3. Now there you will see a display of two mobile phones lined vertically in two different rows. Enable Both Ads from right.
    enable adsense from here for your blog

  4. Now the next step is to copy the ads code to implement fully.
    copy you mosile ads adsense code
  5. Copy your issued code and move to your Blogger template and paste the code into <head> tag of your template code.
Now you want to test your mobile ads activation whether they are working or not? Simply go to your mobile browser and put direct link of your Blog " " and include /#googleads with your blog address to test your ads running and this will look like this " " . 

Now enjoy your new ad formats and maximize your earnings. Don't forget to comment & Share.

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