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Recommended Settings For Blogger Blog

Recommended settings for a new blog 2016

So guys, Today I'm going to tell you that how you can make your blog a long-standing one in search engines and world ranking through some recommended settings for Blogger Blog. We all know that making a blog is now a simple and easy thing but the most important fact is that how we can make a successful blog which can stand among big websites throughout.

Below I will tell some methods through which you can SEO your blog . Your Attention as well as interest is highly needed.

How To Submit Your Blog To Google?

Submitting blog details to google is one of the most important and initial step after making a blog. Google submission plays a very vital role in the ranking and search preference of blog. Without submission of blog to google search engine, your bog will never come up in google search whenever a person will search for your blog or the post related to you blog because you haven't informed to google yet about your new blog. So take it as a moral duty to submit your blog to google search.

Steps To Submit Blog :

submit blog url to googles
  • After that you will see a notification indicating that google will shortly email you for further steps.
google search response
  • Once you got google's email with further details, now you will have several options to do with your blog but the most important step which is still remaining is to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to google search. You can ignore google's email and can move to your Google Webmaster Account.
  • Go to Sitemap Generator and Create a sitemap by putting your blog url. Once your sitemap is generated successfully, copy the link of your sitemap file because in google search you will need to put your sitemap url only and it will automatically read-out the generated sitemap.
  • Once you got your Sitemap Url , now move to your search console and click on 
      Button at the right.
  • Now its time to verify the ownership of your website before submitting sitemap. google will verify your website ownership so that google can confirm that you are the owner of that website.
  • If you are registered with Godaddy then the first option is the best way to verify ownership. Just Select that Method and Click on Verify Button below.
  • Now once your ownership got verified, click on continue and you will be redirected to the search console dashboard here you will have to submit your blog sitemap created previously.
  • Now at the left bar there will be number of options but you will go to Crawl and Press Sitemap button as shown below.
  • Now Push ADD/TEST SITEMAP on the right above and submit the sitemap by just adding sitemap.xml in the blank and refresh the page and you will see that your sitemap is successfully added and you are now google indexed.

    add custom robot.txt to blog

    How To Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger?

    Custom Robot.txt is a text file which is used to help your crawlers to index your blog content according to your will. By using Robot.txt you can redirect your any page or you can stop your crawler to index a specific blog link or post which you don't want to show in search engines. So today i will tell you how you can add custom Robot.txt to your blog.

    • Go To Your Blogger Settings > Search Preferences > Crawler's Indexing > Custom robot.txt and Edit.
    • Select Yes and Paste Below Code in Blank Field.
    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /

    • Now Save Changes and you are done.
    how to add robot.txt to blogger

    How To Check Robot.Txt?

    Want to check whether you successfully added robot.txt or not? No worries, you can check your robot.txt as shown below. Just follow the below image to test your blog robots. You will see the below result.


    So dear readers, this was the complete tutorial of adding blogger recommended settings to you blog and trust me these are the most important one because without these implements your blog is totally a mass only and nothing else but after applying all above recommendations for your blog, your blog will become active in search engines to grab alot of unique traffic.

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