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How To Advertise Video On YouTube For Free

Advertise Video On YouTube For Free 2016


Youtube is the largest video streaming website on internet ever because millions of people are using it daily by uploading videos , some are using it to see trending videos but after too much fame , youtube rolls out earning trend  also in which a user can monetize his uploaded videos with different kinds of advertisements. In this way a user can earn a handsome amount , whenever his/her video will be watched all around the world . As Google bought youtube recently so youtube run Google Adsense advertisings over videos.

How People Are Promoting Their Videos On YouTube

After launching an earning platform over youtube now people are totally mad for it and everyone is in search of any video by which they can earn money but a video which will be copied from any other channel will not be monetized according to youtube's policy. Everyone is struggling for earning and for this they are trying to rank their videos, so that more and more people can view their video and they can generate a lot of revenue from it.

Strategies People Are Using To Promote Their Videos On YouTube

  • Uploading Trending Videos
  • Using Keywords In Their Videos
  • Uploading Hot/Sexy Video To Attract Viewers
  • Promoting on Social Media's
  • Using Fake/Attractive Thumbnails

How To Advertise Your Youtube Video For Free

So guys, now need to worry about promotion of your videos. Now you can also advertise freely with youtube if you are having informative stuff in your videos which you think will be liked by viewers. Youtube is having a hidden feature inside from where you can apply for free advertising for all of those videos which are in good quality, not copyrighted and in those there is interesting stuff. I will tell you how you can submit your desired video for free advertising.

Step By Step Method :

  • Go To Your YouTube Channel
  • In Options AT Left, Click On Channel
  • Now Go To Featured Content

  • Click on " Select your channel ad " and submit your desired video which you think is eligible for promotion.
  • Now wait for youtube response.Once your video qualify for free advertising, they will send you email.
Your Video Must Be Pornless, No Copyright Issue, High Quality, Informative.

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