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How I Earned $200 From Maxbounty

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So guys today i will tell you that how i earned $122 in just seven days from Maxbounty. It was not so easy but it was also not so hard. Before telling you about all this, i want to enlight some information on Maxbounty because many of you don't know about Maxbounty.

What is MaxBounty?

Maxbounty is a CPA ( Cost Per Action ) network which you hears as Affiliate marketing in daily life. Maxbounty is world's top Paying website and Maxbounty is world's # 1 CPA network paying 80% more than AdSense. It can take upto 2 days to get $10 from Adsense but in maxbounty you can earn $10 in one minute. MAX is not so easy to get approval in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India because of illegal activities from these countries but luckily Pakistan is still have a satisfied impact on this CPA network. Maxbounty pays you in almost all ways and the staff is really helping.
You cannot get maxbounty approval without their call interview.
How I Earned $122.20 In Seven Days :


In the start of my earning career with maxbounty I was totally unaware of maxbounties campaigns and other methodologies that how to run these campaigns and how to embed these campaigns to a blog or website, so that i can promote that specific campaign.


Righ after that i searched on youtube that how i can embed an offer over a blog and finally i found a method of embedding maxbounties campaigns to blog by an Indian and that was my first step towards earning.


Now my first step was to make few cents as i was earning in cents before.. I set up my first campaign in which I was given a task to get an email submit from USA and in return i will get $2.46. This was the most shocking time for me because i never get much earning from a single email submit. I posted the link of that offer 5 times in comments of a USA post and then paused my eyes over my earning Tab and luckily i got my first lead within 27 Minutes and when I saw that by just testing i earned $2.46 then how much i can earn after a fully hardworking ?

What I Did Next?

Now it was confirmed that i can really earn and my greed was at the peak.. i started spreading the link on social media's and tried my best to make it viral and I spent my full night in spreading that link legitly ( only at those places where I think that I can get usa traffic ).

Then after spending the whole night, i stopped spreading links because i was checking that how much I can get paid after spreading the link and after doing such hard work. I left my account for 6 days and 7 night. And when i opened my Maxbounty account after that.. The revenue tab was showing.

All those who are having good foreign traffic and have some knowledge about affiliate marketing, I will suggest them to work with MaxBounty.

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