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Social Media Toolkit Crack 2016

Social Media Toolkit Crack 2016

What is Facebook Social Media Toolkit?

Facebook social media toolkit is a shortcut to many facebook features which are harder to do manually. This facebook social toolkit is not illegal because this is legal in case of easing users work. This toolkit includes two type of shortcuts. Free features and Premium features but after using this cracked toolkit you will be able to use all feature free of cost. So the reason to tell you about that toolkit is that now you can do many type of works on facebook in bulk with a single click.

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Amazing Features of Social Toolkit For Facebook :

Here I am going to mention some mostly used features which are :

  1. Send Message At Once To All Your Facebook Friends.
  2. Share Your Post In All Facebook Groups At Once.
  3. Post Your Status On All Likes Pages.
  4. Accept All Friend Requests At Once.
  5. Reject All Friend Request At Once
  6. Click On All Like Buttons Showing On Screen.
  7. Join All Groups At Once.
  8. Extract Phone Number Of Your Friend.
  9. Extract ID Of Friend's Account.
  10. Send Too Many Friend Request At Once.
  11. Unfriend All Friends At Once.
  12. Invite Your All Facebook Friends To Like A Page.

How To Add Cracked Facebook Toolkit To Chrome?

The first thing you will need to do is to Download the toolkit setup, so that you can use it. To Download the setup plz see below.

download setup button

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  • Once you download the toolkit setup, now it's time to unzip the file to expand its contents.
  • Now go to chrome browser setting and Open Extensions Portion because now it's time to add toolkit extension.
  • Go to unzip files and there you will see a file with name fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep2.3.1.crx , Drag this file to Extensions tab and leave it and your toolkit extension will be added to chrome which you will see at the top right.
  • Now it's time to bypass toolkit premium features and for this we will have to replace a file with unzipped file.
  • Now Go To C:\Users\oan\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep2.3.1..... and in the end you will see a file named as " Validate ".
  • go to your unzipped content and copy validate.js file from there and replace it with the validate file which we found in the above folder.
  • Now go to your facebook, open the extension and click on any premium feature you want to use, it will ask for email and Seriel Key. Just put any email and key and it will start working.
You have successfully added the cracked toolkit to your browser but keep one thing in mind that your facebook language must be "  English US  ".

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