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Interview With Malik Sharjeel ( CEO - Club Side Effects )

Malik Sharjeel Tahir was born on 9th Sep, 1994 in the city of Pakistan Lahore. He did his early and secondary education from Lahore and was living a life of simplicity. Now he is a blogger and CEO of  " Club Side Effects " and except that he is also a part-time worker in Services Hospital Lahore which is a very well known hospital Nationally. Sharjeel was not addicted towards blogging from the start but once when he visited a website for some purpose then his hidden interest comes out and to know about his story we are going to conduct his written interview to show all of you that interest donot needs popularity and money, it can be adopted by anyone.

Mr. Sharjeel Please Tell Us About Yourself

I am the Founder of .I Started my Blogging Journey to Help Those Peoples Who Not Know Bad And Good Side Effects about how to maintain our health. And now I am giving plenty of health tips to people via blogging.

Your Qualification

I have done FA ( year 12 ) and after that I started blogging and my part time job. I cannot get more education because of my personal crises.

Your Business Name


A small Description about your Business

Well, I'm not a Business Man but a small work I have started is to tell people about how they can manage their health by eating good food and by neglecting poor and junky food which can cause too many hazards. I am not only advising people over my blog but I have also provided a wide range of healthy foods which could be better for a life and also mentioned those which are not good for us. As a worker in Hospital, I know that which food makes a person patient from a healthy life most of the patients when coming after food poisoning i always saw that they became a prey of junky food.

Which Thing Inspired You To Introduce Your Own Business?

The reason which inspired me to start my blogging careeAbdul Wali ( A Blogger ). The story is when I visited his blog I thought that a very big company runs this site but later on I come to know that a Simple man is running this blog. Without any knowledge after that day, I searched,  read many tutorials and then I started my blog and alhamdulillah I am going well.

What is Your Life Mantra?

I always wished to share my knowledge with all those who are hopeless, so that they can become successful.

Which Online Tools You Are Using?

I love using WooRank tool because by this I always checked my website and it accurately tells that what type of errors you must fix on your blog and after following that I always found my blog at a perfect place in search engines.

A Habit You Thinks Which Makes You More Productive

My Punctuality in Offering Prayer & My keen focus towards my target,

A Tip To Become Successful :

Be Good & Be Calm to everyone, Listen to everyone but do what you think is the best.

One Mistake Every Individual Must Avoid :

Never try to become over-smart and always believe in Allah.

A Lesson You Think Everyone Must Lean :

I saw many people who give up in blogging career saying I am not making money. So never give up & keep your blogging career continue and Just believe in ALLAH and one day you will become successful. 

A Quote Of Inspiration ?

(Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.)

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