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How To Grey Verify Facebook Business Page In Pakistan

how to verify facebook business page in pakistan


Recently in 2015 Facebook started a new feature of verifying facebook Local Business pages with Grey Tick to show the authenticity of that business. By doing this facebook confirms that the specific local business is safe for people because verification of  business page is done after few clarifications of documents and PIN verification. But unfortunately few countries are not eligible to get their local business pages get grey verified manually.

This feature is hidden in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other those countries who are not well developed and are having the lack of peace.

How To Verify Facebook Business Page In Pakistan?

So guys today I'm going to tell you a way by which you can get your facebook business page grey verified by living in Pakistan or in any country which is not supported by facebook in grey verification. The method is a little bit tricky but working. for this way you will need to have 2 things.
Any Friend/Relative in USA, UK, or CANADA
This process will take few days but you will get your business page verified and this method is working. so be patient and read each step attentively.

Why Do We need To Have Any Friend/Relative In USA ,UK or CANADA ?

This step is necessary because at some stage we need an address of any of that country and the address will also be verified by google as facebook verifies a local business page which has a verified local business on google or a location on Google Maps. So for this first, you will need to verify your friends/relative's address on google Maps so that you can proceed.

Once you submitted your application to verify your local business on google maps, google will send a postcard with a PIN code on that address you put for verification. This will happen because you are using your friend's address to verify your local business page on facebook as other countries addresses are not accepted by facebook.
  • Your Friends/Relatives Address should not be already verified on Google Maps or it should not be connected to any business before.
  • Your partner in a foreign country should be trusted so that he/she can help you throughout that process.
Once your friend/relative receives that postcard so then you can verify your location on google maps and within 24 hours your location with your business name will be live on google.
  • Your google business page must be same to your facebook business page.

Why Do We need To Verify Our Address On Google Maps?

We must have a verified location or address with our local business on google maps because facebook also verified a business name address from google maps and whenever a USA or UK or Canadian business page have verified business with an address on google maps then facebook verifies that business page with a grey tick mark. Once you verified your local business on google maps with USA, UK or Canadian address then you are 85% done in this method.

What To Do After Verifying Our Business Name & Address On Google Maps?

Now after fully verifying your business on google maps , now you are having a location with your business on search engines. Now ask your friend, who is living outside to make a new facebook business page with your registered local business name by putting the registered location address, mobile number. Once he/she will make this page then he/she will have access to the verification option in the Settings. Then you can verify your local business page by requesting a PIN even on your Pakistani number and you are Done. Now enjoy your desired named local business page with Grey Tick.


  • After verifying your local business on google maps, wait for 24 hours so that google can fully index this in google maps.
  • Be patient while waiting for the post having the PIN code.
  • Your info must be same to google local business while making Facebook Local Business Page.
  • Do not change your facebook page name after verification, otherwise, you will loose grey tick.
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