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Remove Footer Credit In Blogger

remove footer credit from template footer


Footer credit shows the actual mind behind the creation of the template. We remove that credit by going to " Edit Template " and remove code to show our name in credits and then saves it. Simple !

This method can be used on many templates but, with the passage of time coding is being developed more and more with shortcut instructions and hidden redirects which we cannot remove without having proper knowledge. Now a days almost all templates redirects to makers website if someone erase or removes their credit from the footer. This happens because they have added scripts into codes which become active when someone try to remove credit from template footer. but I have a solution for that too. Follow Below Instruction to remove footer credits from all templates.

Short Procedure :

Presently Login your blogger account and go to Edit template and afterward search for the following code there by pressing Ctrl+F .
<script src=’//’/>
 Now remove above script from your Template HTML and Save this will work 100% but if you become unable to find the above code then no need to worry, sometimes developers use different codes for the same action. so, if you didn't found above code then you can try one more code which is given below.
Now enjoy your template without giving any credit to someone.

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