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Interview with Khubaib Khawar ( Graphic Designer & SEO Expert )

interview with khubaib khawar

Khubaib Khawar was born in the city of Pakistan Lahore on 4th July 1996. He is a Graphic Designer & a very helpful SEO Expert. Although after getting some success people try to ignore others but Khubaib always proves to be the first helper ever to every that person who asks him about any kind of support. Today we will show you about his life strategy that how Khubaib reaches that spot and what are his opinions about life challenges, So let's move to his exclusive Interview.
Short Description About Khubaib By Himself
I am a Graphics Designer , Motion Graphics Artist and also an SEO Expert with the good strategy. I,m a student of Bachelors in Computer Science ( BSCS ) .
Your Qualification Background
 I have done my I.C.S in statistics recently.
What Is Your Life Strategy?
 I am a student and i used to work on Fiverr to deliver my skills to people so that i can survive and fulfill my daily needs.
According To You, What Are The Three Qualities An Individual Must Have? 
 The very first quality I would recommend to anyone to be successful in anything is that he/she must plan completely about what he/she is going to do, if one plans before starting then success must come and no one can stop it. The second quality I would recommend is "full preparation" according to the plan. Preparation just makes everything strong. The last and third quality I would recommend is the faith, have faith in yourself and know that you can achieve your target. People with less faith and stress are less likely to be successful.
Which online tools/ services/ apps do you use the most and would like to recommend as well?
 For learning, I would recommend Udemy and Lynda. These platforms have very precious stuff to learn. For designing I would recommend a simple free online tool which is Canva and for SEO I would recommend YOAST SEO Plugin in Wordpress, Grammarly App for plagiarism. At last Google and Youtube are best friends to learn from.
Share any one habit which you think makes you more productive.
I always plan for my target towards which I aim to go.
Share any one habit which you wish to change in yourself.
One of my habit which i want to change in my self is Showing Off .
One Tip to Be Successful 
Plan your target by using strong strategies.
One Mistake every Individual Must Avoid 
Don't go for your target if you are not prepared well for it.
An Important Lesson You Have Learnt Till Now 
I learnt that I must never show off and I must plan wisely and prepare completely before starting anything.
Share A Quote, Inspired You The Most. 
"To be a champion, believe that you are. But if you know you are not, pretend you are"
 Muhammad Ali (Boxing Heavy Weight Champion, USA)  

"Think 100 times before taking a decision, but when you have taken, then stand by it as one man" Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan)

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