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Interview With Hamid Rahman ( CEO Pearls Extensions Pvt Ltd Bahria Town )

Interview With Hamid Rahman ( CEO Pearls Extensions Pvt Ltd Bahria Town )


Hamid Rahman was born on 7th August 1988. He faced many hardships in his study period and while finding for job. After a miracle when he became a successful business person and an investor he is serving poor peoples also and also earning a lot from his business. So today we are with him and he will tell you about his life strategies.

Short Description About You

I am a businessman, real estate investor and a social worker. Whatsoever I earn from my business, almost 30% of it I spend on social works. CSR wing of my company is PEARLS FOUNDATION, in which PEARLS stands for promotion education and raising life sustainability. I am Founder of this NGO. I sponsor treatments of those people who can not afford and also paying Fee of some students so that they can carry on their studies. I feel superior when people talk to me on Phone and give me their prayers as they have never seen me but they know me that he is the one who helped us in our distress.

Your Qualification Background

Bachelor of Business Administration from COMSATS Abbottabad

Your Business Name

Pearls Extensions Private Limited

A Brief Intro About Your Business

We are marketers and distributors. We take marketing projects of real estate and other companies. We launch companies and help them to carry on their business. If we feel spark in their business, we become their distributor for some particular area.

What Inspired You To Build The Above Business?

Soon after getting Degree from University in 2012, I got job in UBL Omni as Business Development Executive. I was known as Business Development specialist in my organization. I worked hard for 1.5 years but never get rewarded for my hard work. At last I thought if I do 50% of hard work for my own business I will be at different stage and I put my resign in August 2013 and started my own business and now Alhamdolillah I am living a peaceful and satisfied life.

How Many Workers Handle This Business?

More Than 10

What is your life Strategy?

Take that much share from your earning for yourself which fulfill your needs and spend rest of the earnings on welfare of masses. making a world record doesn't give u that much satisfaction, which can be achieved by helping people

According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?

Firm believe on Allah, Not to get comfortable until you get success, Consistency

Which online tools/ services/ apps do you use the most and would like to recommend as well?

I usually use social networking apps which also aid me to run my business

Share Any On Habit Which You Think Makes You More Productive

Confidence that if someone else can do it, why can't I? This is the only habit which drives me to achieve my targets

Share Any One Habit Which You Wish To Change In Yourself

Trusting too much on people

One tip to become successful !

Consistency to your work. Shifting to different Businesses again and again can never make u successful

One mistake every individual must avoid !

Never invest heavily in ur startups

One most important lesson that you have learnt till now !

Never invest in any business which is not on ur finger tips.

Share A Quote That Inspires You The Most

"Never get comfortable because comfort kills your growth"

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