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How To Verify Facebook Page

How To Verify Facebook Page 2016

Verifying a facebook page is much tougher than any task on any social media because facebook have the ever tough security policies and they didn't verify any person except verifying its complete identity and standard. Our Today's topic is that how to verify a facebook page and I am going explain you some ways by which you can lead your page towards verification.
difference between a verified profile and a simple profile

What Is Actually The Movie Behind Facebook Page Verification?

Facebook do not allow anyone to apply for Facebook Page Verification manually because its an automated process. After a complete research and after talking with some verified pages I came to know that facebook verifies a page when it saw's that there are a lot of pages with same name and category, making confusion for people to find the real page from them . Then facebook uses its own techniques and requests verification documents from top three pages. When anyone from them provides sufficient documents then facebook reviews them and leads towards verification of that page.

Can We Apply For Facebook Page Verification Manually?

It was time some before when we were able to apply for Facebook Page Verification manually, but after getting too many fake and bulk requests facebook limited that feature by removing this from some countries. But no the time comes when facebook totally removed that feature from all over the world to get a facebook page officially verified.
sorry the verification request cannot be done  in your region

How To Attract Facebook Team Towards Your Page?

When all doors closed, a single door always remains opened. So here I will tell you that how you can force facebook to verify your page with applying manually. Yes, it's true. You can do that if you have some knowledge about virality. Below I am going to mention some authentic ways to get a page to verified officially.
  • Your Facebook Page must have more than 7K Likes. ( Recommended )
  • Your Page must be updated on daily basis.
  • Ask your friends to make pages same to your page's name to create confusion for facebook and to tend them to verify a trusted page from them and obviously it will be yours.
  • You must have a relative domain or website regarding your page.
  • Do not post any irrelevant stuff which does not matches with your page's category.
  • Fill-up you page info accurately and professionally.
  • Add your social media accounts on your page by using Tabs.
The points mentioned above are self-created and are highly trusted because we make these points after getting reviews from verified pages.So you can give it a try and possibly you will see an improvement.

This method is not listed in any facebook policies, so try this on your own risk because we can only show you the path, rest is your's Luck.

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