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Exclusive Interview With Brigadier Retd Abdul Hafeez

Brigadier Abdul Hafeez

Brigadier Abdul Hafeez was born in the beautiful city of Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ( KPK ) on 24th January 1954 . He Served Pakistan Army for more than 30 Years of Life as an Educationalist. Brigadier ( Retd ) Abdul Hafeez is the most senior Brigadier of Pakistan of all other Brigadiers. Brigadier Abdul Hafeez is an Ex-Principal of Army Burn Hall College For Boys Abbottabad, Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree  and now he is the Principal of Scouts Cadet College Batrasi, Mansehra which is located in their home town. He was an on-duty officer when he was serving Army Burn Hall and when he get Retired, he was given the charge of Scouts Cadet college Batrasi.

Brigadier abdul hafeez

Abdul Hafeez is a social Media Activist, Political Person, World Rounder, Honest & Straight Forward Person, Loving to Humanity wither a poor or a rich.

Abdul Hafeez always remains an inspirational personality for his pupils, students, and friends. So today I am going to share some information I have received while conducting his Interview.

Short Description About You?

I am education Ishtiaq, Public Intellectual, and Analyst .

Sir, what is your highest education level?

I have done Master's in Political Science and Education.

What are you doing now a days?

I am the Principal of Scouts Cadet College Batrasi Mansehra.

Which thing inspired you to become a Principal of a Cadet College?

Commitment to the grooming of youth always remains an inspirational thought for me and nothing was more useful than to become a college principal.

What is your life Strategy?

Nothing is Good except " Becoming a Utility for Others " .

Sir what should be the three qualities and individual must have to be successful?

  • A Clear Focus on Life
  • Hard Work
  • Self Discipline

Which Online services you are using to communicate and you think should be recommended to others? 

Facebook always prove itself a good way of a conveying message if we use it as a positive manner of life.

Share any of your habits you think which proves always useful to you and the most? 

No habit remains useful throughout the life except " Being Honest " .

Which Habit you want to change in yourself?

The week point in me is to trust much on people and surely I would like to change my habit of " Excessively trusting Others " .

One Tip To Become Successful !

Be up-righted under whatever situation is .

One Mistake Every Individual Must Avoid !

Indecency .

Lesson Of Your Life You Learnt !

 Always Stand for the right .
always stand For right

Your Favorite Quotation?

When the going get tough, the tough get going .

Live Interview .


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