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Become Google's Official Local Guide

Become Google's Official Local Guide


As a Local Guide, you'll help other people investigate the world and receive incredible advantages consequently. It's a suggest to win plan. Each spot you enhance, Google Maps procures you indicates winning something new.

There are five levels and google local guides. For each level, you have to earn some points which will take to the next level and as well it will unlock something new for you which you can use for your own.

How To Earn Points

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The best place to begin is the To-Do tab of Your Contributions in Google Maps. This is accessible on both mobile and the web. Maps utilize your area history to create a rundown of spots for you to rate and review. Every fantastic review that you wrote will give you one point. Look at my Point Breakdown photograph above for everything that procures you a point.

Levels & Required Points

Level 1 (0 - 4 Points): Enter restrictive challenges (think new Google gadgets!) in selective Regions
Level 2 (5 - 49 Point): Get early access to new Google items and elements. 
Level 3 (50 - 199 Point): Show up in the Google Maps application with your official Local Guides identification. 
Level 4 (200 - 499 Point): Receive a free 1 TB Storage on your Google Drive, permitting you to keep every one of the stories, photographs, and recordings from your goes in one safe spot.
Level 5 (500+ Point): The exceptionally best Local Guides will get to be qualified to apply to go to our inaugural summit in 2016, where you'll have the capacity to meet other top Guides from around the globe, investigate the Google grounds, and get the most recent information about Google Maps. Pay special mind to points of interest ahead of schedule one year from now.
In that way you can become a top google guider and google will personally notify you when ever they will be having the visit in your are. After completing your 200 Points you will be given 1 TB Storage for 2 Years. This is the best time to prove your self and to reserve your spot in google.

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