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Update Facebook Status Via Facebook Mentions Without A Verified Profile

Update Facebook Status Via Facebook Mentions Without A Verified Profile

Facebook Hidden Feature

Facebook is not only a leading social media now although now it's an eager for everyone now. I am using facebook from last 7 years and I have always tried to get benefit from it. Although it's to promote something or to become famous on facebook. There is not a single day when facebook is not launching any new feature, we daily hear about newly introduced features by facebook. The recently launched features were Gray Badge for local businesses, facebook mention app for verified users, user payment account for campaigns & promotions. Everyone wishes to become eligible for these features but this is not an easy task because facebook only allows very selected profiles to use these profiles after verifying them.

So today I am going to share an awesome feature with you which you will be shocked after listening to that. Yes, you will be shocked because today I am going to tell you that how you can post a status on your profile via Facebook Mentions without being a verified member.

What is Facebook Mentions?

Facebook mentions is a platform which is only visible to verified profiles and pages. An unverified account cannot access this feature because of no eligibility. Facebook mentions is used to update status so that people can see that the post is made by a verified profile or a page, rather than visiting the page/profile to see the identity. Whenever a verified profile and page updates any status, it shows that this Page " XYZ " updated a status via Facebook Mentions.

But today I am going to share a very informative secret with you by which you can post any status on your profile via Facebook Mentions however you are verified or not. I am sharing this secret after self-confirmation. Method is totally working so do it a confidential try.

facebook mentions link
Donot Viral this link, otherwise Facebook will block this link for us. Just use this in a friendly way and impress your friends by telling them that you are verified :D
This link will be only used for accounts. You cannot update a status via facebook mentions on a page with this link. Hope you  will enjoy this trick.  

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