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Promote Maxbounty Offers With US Largest Safelist

earn on uslargestsafelist with maxbounty campaigns

What is US Largest Safelist ?

US Largest Safelist is a USA's biggest email sending website where you can send your desired email without spamming the policies to over thousands of US Residents FREE of cost which is a golden gate for maxbounty earners. This web have paid plans too but if you are unable to get a paid one than you can select a free membership.

Paid Plan

In paid plan you can send unlimited number of emails daily to thousands of peoples of USA. There is not any bounding line for paid plans, they can send as much emails they want.


In free plan membership you can send only 18000 emails to different people of USA once in three days. For using this membership you will have to earn points for using free email service. You can easily make 500 points in 1 minute and 500 points means 500 emails , so it takes almost an hour to make 18000 Points. Just make them and start sending your offers in Bulk.
Your Offer Must Allow Email Traffic
How To Earn Points? How To Send Emails? JUST WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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