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Maxbounty Interview

maxbounty interview

Asalaam o Alikum. Today i will tell you that how i get Maxbounty account within 3 Hours. Read the article very attentively. So here it starts.

What is Maxbounty?

Maxbounty is a CPA platform where you can earn by affiliate marketing. Maxbounty is worlds number one CPA platform from Canada. this is very much hard to get maxbounty account approval because their approval policies are totally different from other approvals. This is different because they not only review your application or website but they also calls you for interview via Viber, Skype or by their personal cell phone. Now a days its hard to get approval in Pakistan but i will tell you that how I came to know about Maxbounty and how I get approval on the Same day.

What CPA Was For Me Before

It was the day of 24th Februray 2016 the very next day to my approval. I was totally blind about CPA and don't even know about the ABC of that network. Sounds funny? 
I was planning to meet one of my friend today to get some information about youtube earnings and to ask some basics about CPA workings, and the word CPA comes in my mind at that time when i also got approval from Adwork Media which is also a best CPA network. Finally i reached at his house in Housing Colony Sheikhupura and met him ia a park. I started asking him about youtube earnings that how can i increase my traffic and how can i earn from google Adsense which is currently approved on my Youtube Account. He started telling me different types of ways to escape from copyright notification and to use high keywords and to share my posts. Now it was time to go but before going back my mind suddenly stucked on CPA word and forced me ask about that. I asked him about CPA network and he replies me that he also don't have much knowledge about that but he want to start work on CPA too. Then immediately he told me that Maxbounty is the toppest CPA network of the world and it is very much hard to get approval. I got disappointed because i was already rejected from Google Adsense ( Non-Hosted ) so i was not even thinking to get a maxbounty approval. :P finally i shaked hand with him and left him to go back.

What I Did next?

After coming back it was time of evening now. I was confirmed that i cannot get approval for maxbounty because it was even more reputed than adsense but besides this i also didnt get discouraged and simply turn on my PC and Sign Up for it. While signing up they clearly mentioned that they will have an interview call to me so that they will finalize my application.

What Happened Next?

After few minitues i got their email that they have received my application and now my website as well provided details are under review and they will call me soon once they come to finalize. I wait for one hour but didnt get any response. Then I got a call on viber and obviously it was from maxbounty for my interview.

What He Asked? (INTERVIEW)

Me : Asalam o Alikum. 

He : Hey Own Abbas  Aaron is here. I am manager of Maxbounty.
Me : Yes sir 
He : You submitted your application to us for Maxbounty approval. Do you?
Me : Oh yes yes ... that was me.. helow sir... 
He : How are you Own?
Me : I am fine sir, what about you?
He : Um good thank you. 
He : So first of all tell me Own what do know about CPA ?
Me : mmmmmm.. sir actually um totally new to CPA and i want to work with CPA and specially with maxbounty because CPA is an affiliating Service and your company is on the top of all the CPA  networks. I have already worked with many types of propmotions and Ads on my website but know i want to learn and earn something different with something different way. 
He : Ahan. How do you come to know about Maxbounty?
Me : By one of my teacher.
He : Which teacher? What he teches you?
Me : He teaches me mathematics.
He : His name?
Me : Tahir Saleem. 
He : is your website ? Right? Who is Samar Abbas? Because your domain is registered on the name of that  person.
Me : Sir he is my elder brother. He is now in Asutralia and relieing over there on his Study Visa. I bought my domain on the name of my brother because at that time i was not having redit in my credit card so i used his Mastercard to pay for my Domain name. 
He : Thats Fine.. mmmm.. How you will promote our services and Offers?
Me : Sir as i told you that i have already worked with many companies like Google Adsense ( hosted ) , infolinks, bidvertiser, recontent, facebook, youtube , Fiverr so i have a lot of experience to promote some thing and the only difference is that before i just promoted my skills but know if i get approval i will promote your offers by my skills which i learned. 
He : How? In Which Way?
Me : I will use facebook first to promote your offers by posting them into several foreign groups, by posting them on my peronal page which is having more than 8K fans and by sharing them on my facebook timeline. Then i will move towards youtube and will promote your offers through videos over face, and i will also promote your offers on my personal blog as it i having much visitors so there will be alot of sources to promte your stuff. 
He : That sounds good..... mmm.. Ok Own i will call you back after some time.. Is its your personal number?
Me : Yes its mine.

I was very conscious about that interviwes because i gave that interview to the affiliate manager of Maxbounty.. WOW.. after sometime i got a mail that i missed their call and i should call them back otherwise my application will be rejected. I started finding his number in email and called him on Viber but it was saying that their is some error in connecting your call. then i look around and found his skype Id at the bottom. I moved to Skype and here i sea that Aaron ( Manager of Maxbounty ) already sent me request to get added. I accepted it in no time and sent him text by telling that i was facing some problem in calling him back. My chat with him can be seen below.

after interview, approval by maxbounty manager

So guys in that way i got approval and i was quite happy, not in a sense that i will earn money but i was happy because a person cannot approve his adsense account, got approval of maxbounty which was even much difficult to approve. Just be confident while giving your interview and don't stop until he told you to stop. Your English should be good.

 I was totally amazed, and then i become more proudy when i saw that people are dieng for maxbounty approval and they are failing to get. Even i saw that people are selling this account in Thousands of Rupees and Even many Big earners are also using Purchased account. I felt so high when i came to know his importance.

Sometime Allah gives you that which you never expected, rather its good for you or Bad. Never lead yourself down. always trust yourself and work hard. By the Grace of Allah Almighty you will be very successful.

So that was the whole story of my approval . I hope you get this informative. Share this with your friends and subscribe us to be updated with new success and tips
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