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Maxbounty Affiliate Campaigns Free Advertising on Twitter & Instagram

Maxbounty Affiliate Campaigns Free Advertising on Twitter & Instagram

Promote Maxbounty Campaigns On Social Media

So today you people are about to go through social media affiliate marketing by maxbounty.
Social media is the greatest pathway towards promotion, fame and NEWs. Without social media nothing exists on internet as now its been a very big source information. The main sourcing social media's are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Everyone over these platforms is using these in his own way because there are not much restrictions on them, like on facebook we are not only bound to send and accept friend requests, although we can promote, learn and chat too. So today i am going to tell you about how can we use these platforms to promote our CPA Maxbounty campaigns. InshAllah your revenue will bount maximum.
" As i have already discussed the facebook promotion method in previous article, so today i will tell you about Twitter and Instagram "

How to Promote MaxBounty Affiliate campaigns on   Twitter 

Twitter is the second biggest social platform on internet. It is a Get Follow network on which you can only follow a person to stay connected with him and when a person follows you back, you both get connected with your daily posts and shares. So lets start promoting our campaign on Twitter.
You can also sponsor your tweets by paying

For example our campaign name is " XYZ " and it will convert on a lead when someone will " Submit Email " on it.

Go to twitter and make a new account with username " XYZ " on the name of campaign.

Once its ready, now put the campaign link in account detail with some description and save it.

Now ping on google to collect some relevant images of your campaign and download them.

Now choose an attractive profile picture and an eye catching twitter cover and upload rest on your account as posts with Campaign Link.

Don't use extra images and description, otherwise it will look like fake and people will ignore this.

Now you just need followers and followers can only be given if you follow someone. Although its a very hard work to follow alot of people but i have a legit way to get followers. You can use Twitter AutoFollow Extension for chrome by which you can Follow 1,000 people in a couple of minutes once in a day.


Now open any USA verified page on twitter with huge Followers. Open its followers and most luckily 99% followers will be USA residents. Now start following by using extension. Once you will reach the maximum following, it will automatically stop will an " unable to follow more " notification. After this you will start getting notification of follow backs. Whenever a person will follow you back, he or she will come to your profile and will see what you have given and there are more chances of getting atleast 20 leads daily from these follow backs. Just Keep doing this and get followers daily and you will start getting traffic to your campaign.

* Donot Use extension daily. I will Recommend to use extension every third day from getting blocked.

How to promote Maxbounty campaigns on  Instagram 

Instagram is almost same as twitter because it has also Get Follwers rule. On Instagram you can start getting followers even without following. Luckily the most loving thing is that almost every follower of you will like your all posts while following you and in this way it go through your profile thoroughly.

Just Follow All steps which i mentioned above for twitter. Make Instagram account with campaign name and start following people and you will start getting results very soon. But this time there is not any auto-follow extension for Instagram.  But if you will follow people manually then you will also get positive results soon.


  • Don't Follow too much people at a time.
  • You can use different accounts with different campaign names.
  • Use targeted people from original verified page of that area.
  • Contact Us for any help.
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