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How To Run Maxbounty Campaigns On Facebook

maxbounty promotion on facebook

So guys, on demand of some of my students, today i am going to write this article  about how you can run Maxbounty CPA offers over Facebook and how you can earn from them by sharing. This method contains not a single trick and spam. The way is so simple but still it depends on you that how you deal with that.

There are two type of methods by which you can promote your maxbounty campaigns on Facebook to the targeted peoples. the one is PAID and the other one is obviously the FREE one. So first talk about the paid method.

Paid Method

In my words paid method is a type of give and take. In that you pays to someone and get profit from others. the thing about which i am talking about is " How To Run Maxbounty Offers On Facebook With Facebook Ads " . Got my point? 

Facebook Ad Running is a paid service. people use this service to boost their page Like, Shares and Views. Some use it as a way of promotion of their Business, some for education purpose but now a new generation has just arrived on facebook who are call as CPA affiliates and a new trend of promoting CPA offers have been started over facebook by showing Campaign Ads. You can set the targeted traffic of your desired place where you want this offer to appear. You can run your offer through these paid ads and once they have started , you will become busy in counting Dollars.

How to Promote via Facebook Ads?

  1. Create a Blog Relevant to your Campaign you want to promote. ( It can be irrelevant too )
  2. Go to your maxbounty campaign and copy the campaigns Banner Tracking Code to IFrame the post over the blog. ( you can also paste the code in a new post also if you don't know about i-framing)
  3. Now create a facebook page which should be relevant to your campaign name.
  4. After creating facebook page, fill up profile picture and cover photo.
  5. Now at a sign up button to your page and place the blog URL behind this.
  6. Promote your page by setting up the attractive cover image, choose targeted country from where the campaign can be completed and choose the minimum budget you can Afford.
  7. Now run this Ad for few days and you will be shocked that you are getting triple revenue than you invested.
Try this method if you are aware of that and nows well about running an Ad on Facebook.

FREE Method 

This free method is for those who are new to maxbounty, who cannot afford much to invest and who are not having Credit card to use on Facebook for advertising. As its a free method so you will also earn less than the paid method but if you are really committed to earn something than you can earn pretty good from this method too. 
Copy the URL of the blog Post first. Now for example your selected campaign allows traffic from Australia. So lets move to some verified page of Australia. We are choosing a verified page because it will have the active audience of Australia in great number. So there are more chances to get our campaign's Lead to be completed.

Now go to any Australian Page and choose the recent or fresh post. You will see that alot of people have already commented on that post. Luckily Facebook allows us to reply a comment so its a very big opportunity to place our offers link separately on each comment. But before sharing the link in reply of comments, don't forget to paste that link on the behalf of your page, not from your account. Because posting link directly from your account in bulk can cause issues for you from Facebook Security Checks and it can ask for security check.


You can also promote your campaign link in groups too. Add yourself in foreign groups like Australian. American, Canadian and UK Groups. Then post your links into them, but not so much links at one time. The group admin will kick you out if you did that.

How To Post On Behalf Of Page?

you can always change the commenting account on any page if you are managing any page. While commenting, you will see a small box referring to your account image can be seen at the bottom right of post body. Simply click over it and change it into you page and now you can comment in the form of reply via your page.

If you posted your campaign link over 100 comments in replies so there are highly chances to get atleast 20+ Leads to your Offer. If your campaign's lead is $1.20 than it will be $1.20 X 20 = $24 a day and if you will keep doing this than you can earn $24 X 30 = $720 a month. Wow.

So guys, that was the free method of how you can promote campaigns on facebook to earn money.


  • Your Campaign must be allowing Facebook or Social Traffic.
  • Donot Post Links in bulk otherwise facebook can delete your page or account.
  • Try Free Method once in a day.
  • Donot post much links into groups.
  • Donot join too many groups in one day.
  • Daily change your area of promotion on facebook.
If you are Still Unable to understand, then see the below video.

I hope you guys really like That article as it is much helpful. It will surely decrease your tension of being unemployed and unpaid. So give it a try and donot forget to FOLLOW ME
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