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Increase Twitter Followers

increase twitter followers

 Twitter  is one of the biggest social media on the internet. It is not just a source of connecting with new people but you can take advantages of getting traffic and to become a real famous personality on Internet via Twitter.

It was a time when twitter was a boring social media for me but after the passage of time when I come to a stage where twitter was a very big need for my work, then I realize that how pretty twitter is and how helpful it can be. When I started using twitter I saw that there is no need of sending friend requests to people like facebook, however you just need to follow a person and there are 90% chances that he/she will definitely #Follow you back. 

Twitter can be a very big source of getting traffic to websites and Earning if we came to know about its uses and Legal way of using it. As much followers you will have on twitter , the much will be your source of traffic.

But ... there is another craze of getting huge Twitter followers to get verified Twitter user and a famous personality.  So today I will tell you that how you can get huge twitter followers with legal way. This Way has no spamming, and no illegal tricks mean the way I am going to tell you is totally Safe.

What you was Before reading this Article !

You were Tweeting daily in greed of getting followers but you were only successful to get 5-10 Followers.

You follow many people daily , almost 100 people and then you get tired of pressing buttons for following each person in though that he/she will follow you back.

What you will be After reading this Article !

Now its the right time to tell you about the truth. you will really hate yourself after listening about this easy thing you can't imagine before. YOU MUST BE USING GOOGLE CHROME

As expected you will be online on your twitter account, hope so.
Now its time to add a chrome extension who will allow you to do some magic. Go to Twitter Auto Follow and Add this to your chrome browser. Once its added, you will see an icon started appearing at the top right of your browser.
Now go to your twitter account and open any verified account with great Followers. e.g Salman Khan , Jennifer Lopez
Now open their followers and you will see alot of people in the followers list.
Do you remember that you have added an extension? Well click over that icon and you will see FOLLOW ALL & UN-FOLLOW ALL . Choose Follow all and just wait for the magic.
Now this will start following all the people until it reached 1000 Follows because according to Twitter Policy , a user can only Follow 1000 people a day.
Once it reached the maximum number of followings. it will automatically stop, and from the same time you will start getting notifications.

      The process is easy and safe. Once you started getting followers you will definitely start getting more followers day by day. I hope you liked that article. This process is self-experienced and after getting good results, I am posting this.

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