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Earn With Maxbounty Affiliate Marketing

earn with maxbounty

Maxbounty is worlds number one CPA network from Ottawa, Canada . Now a days every person who is jobless , running towards online earnings and 90% of them are always trapped in a fake online earning platform. These fake website take real work from users but didn't pay them or vanished/blocks them after getting their work or at the time of payment.

People get trapped in many fake affiliate marketing websites when they start searching for these sites without any assistance and reference. I also faced many problems in the beginning of my earning career when i was a newbie to social media and internet. But today i will tell you about a network which is 100% Genuine Online earning platform, High paying and counted as a number one CPA network.
Its hard to get a maxbounty account, specially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh because of the high misuse of maxbounty accounts. But don't worry about that, you can also get an approved max-bounty account these countries also by reading my article.

How to Earn With Maxbounty?

Maxbounty provides you hundreds of offers which you have to promote to specific peoples and when a person will complete any offer you will get commission for per Lead/Sale .
Lead and Sale are totally two different offers and both have different commissions.


maxbounty leads
Lead is an offer in which you can just motivate and force a person to complete a servay, email submit or any other task to complete which almost take 3-5 minutes and after that you will be paid immediately according to the given commission. In leads a person don't need to buy anything but in some leads a person can be asked for his credit card details to subscribe for a free trial plan.
One completed Lead pays $0.25 - $15.0 depends on the investor of selected lead.


maxbounty sales

Sale is an offer which cannot be completed without buying something or by putting credit card details while completing it. Sale include free trials offer, insurance sales and products buying. Sale offers have high commission than leads. On the completion of a single sale you can even earn $1,000 maximum and $6 minimum. there are less chances of a sale offer to be completed than a lead Because sale are only completed by those users who were really in need of buying your sale product or you motivated them with your magic spells to buy that product.

Which People Can Complete Offers?

People from all over the world can complete offers but only that offer which allows that country. Mean to say that every offer in maxbounty network is not always for all countries . Some offers have policies that they can only be completed from Australia, some offers demands completion from United States, some ask for united Kingdom and some for Canada.

locations allowed smaple

The above mentioned countries have 95% offers in maxbounty and almost many of them allows all these four countries to get completion.

How to Choose a Right Offer?

As there are hundreds of offers in maxbounty so it will be harder for you to get a right offer from you because a bundle of offers will makes you puzzle and will not lead you to a specific selectio of offer.

* Always choose a Lead if you are a beginner.
* Email submit Leads are mostly used by newbies and are also recommended.
* Don't select an offer by keeping in mind its commission.
Always choose an offer which you can complete and promote easily.
* Beginners must choose the leads between $1-$2.60 because they took minor time to complete and easy to understand for a user who is completing.
Use big offers after sometime when you have enough experience of promotion.
* Choose offer of that country of which you have traffic on social media.

How to Add Maxbounty Offer on Blog?

After choosing your desired offer now its time to out that on your blog. Open the offer and then at the bottom of the page you will see that there are many types of ways you can promote the specific offer on your blog.

Choose Banner option and a number of banner will open in front of you regarding the selected offer
Select any of the banner according to your blog layout or position and then get its Tracking code from above which will be in the form of HTML. Copy the code and paste that code on your blog where you want to show that banner.

maxbounty banners

you cannot change the URL back-link of that banner and you can also not change the banner image, otherwise every completed offer will not be accepted and yo will also not to be paid for that too

If you want your desired image as a banner then you can choose ' search ' option from the offer to promote it. The tracking code of Search will be in the form of link, just copy it and add it as a back-link to your desired banner.
direct link

How to Promote Offer through Email Marketing?

While getting your tracking code there is also an option of ' Solo-email Text ' which means you can also promote this offer through email marketing also. Simply get the tracking Code of your ' Solo-email ' and paste it into your Composed message box you want to send.

maxbounty email offers

How to Promote Offers to Earn Money?

Promoting a maxbounty offer is not so easy but also not so difficult. As you know that the offers have some policies and every offer have some limitations so it is hard to promote the offer and motivate the people of that area on social media but it is not difficult in a way that you can share these offers on mentioned countries official pages and groups where majority of community belongs to that place.

* Make a Facebook Account and Add yourself into Australia, american or Canadian groups and then share your offer into these groups.
* Make a Reddit account and get some like Karma and comments to get traffic and then share your offer over it.
* Make an account on Google+ and Join Large communities and then share your offer into then
* Get active email list of USA, Canada, Australia or any other country and daily send your offer to maximum 500 peoples from that email directory. ( you can use MailChamp for sending bulk emails )


1- Don't make an offer viral on social media by sharing because it can block your offer URL as a spam.
2- Don't use proxy to complete an offer otherwise your account will be banned.
3- Read the instructions of a sale/lead before promoting.
4- Don't share your accounts personal screenshot on social media.
5- Feel free to contact your affiliate manager anytime.

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