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Increasing a traffic was always a very big headache for me and i think its for all beginers and many oldies too. I used to ask every expert about that how can i increase traffic an my blog and bla bla but every time he or she told me to use keywords and use this and use that whatever. Mean to say that they always ignored me and hide their secrets. By the passage of time i used to start my own research on the topic of increasing traffic, i visited several professional peoples at their places plus visited many forums but as usual no one was so open there too to describe full methodologies of increasing traffic. But today its been 3 years of my research and i want to share my true experience with you all that how can you really increase traffic on your blog or website. For your ease i will describe all the parts of my research in parts.

Steps to take in increasing your Blog/website Traffic.

An easy .com Domain -- Trending Niche -- Use of Keywords -- Good Quality Content -- Easy to understand -- User Friendly Template -- Submit Url -- Safe Backlinks -- Facebook Plugins


Domain is the door of your blog because a person can only enter into your blog through a link which includes your domain. Mentioning .com domain above for a traffic source doesn't mean that other ending domain names are useless, i suggested .com domain because it used the most in the whole world as it was discovered first. When a person uses a domain instead of blogspot so this shows that how much interested a person is in running a blog he/she bought an easy and short domain/link for his users to easily remind this in their minds when they try to open it again instead of long blogspot domain names which are harder to keep in minds for long time.

almost all of the top websites and search engines are using .com domains because they are easy to remember. You can by your .com domain online from many companies at very low rates, so do not take a risk of not buying a good domain name just to save few Rupees/$ .
" I will prefer Godaddy for domain purchasing "


Trending means 'Most Searched' & Niche means 'Topic' . Although there are hundreds of trending searches are done by users daily all over the world but you can choose your favorite one from them which you think you can describe easily and you have knowledge. If you don't have much knowledge about a single topic then never make a specific blog. Make a personal or open blog in which you can post a topic on any trending thing because a specific blog target will bound you but a personal blog will never.

I myself wasted many blogs which I made only for a single topic, I came to know about my little knowledge when I see that I have just five posts on my blog and the niche is fully described. that is  why I believe in ix and personal blog.

How to find trending searches? Not a difficult task. Just go to google or any search engine and search for ' trending topics and articles ' and a number of topics will be in-front of you and after choosing your desired one when you will have your own topic or post written then it will also be in trending searches and you will automatically get traffic whenever a person will search for your niche relating things.


This was the ever hard thing for me to understand because it's a logical thing and surely you will get that concept in seconds as I have shortened it here.

Almost daily we use many keywords to search many things on the internet by we our-self don't know what are keywords and how to use them. I know its sounds funny but I will tell you what are these and how to use them in your posts to get traffic and how they give traffic to blog posts.

Keywords are those words which we use to search a specific topic, for example when we open google and just write F in search, you can see that it will show you many suggestions in below list which will include Facebook at the top because Facebook is most searched social media on the internet and it is now a very strong keyword now. These below opened suggestions are called keywords.

Now the next thing will be how to use them ! right? don't worry about that it's also so simple.
Lets take an example that you are writing a post and you don't know how to add keywords. For example your post topic is ' How to Earn Online ' So before writing this post, go to google and just write ' earn online ' in search box and again you will see that google will show you more ways of online learning in below opened list so immediately note down or copy these keywords in another tab or on whatever you want note down.

After saving these keywords, now its the real time to start writing a post.

Don't paste these keywords thoroughly in it however use them in a sense in sentences that no one can judge that your your purpose was to ad keyword.
When you complete the post, don't forget to add these keywords in tags. Don't use more than 4 to 5 keywords.
Don't allow the blogger to make your automated link of your post, just make it manually and again use these keywords in your post link.
Now you have successfully added keywords to your blog and blog posts which increase your chances to get a lot of traffic on your blog and you will also surprise to know that you have clearly understood the concept of keywords now.


Good quality content means that your grammar and sentence should be highly grammar and well organised. A good quality content can increase the traffic of your website in a way that when a professional and a foreign personal will read your blog post then he or she will clearly understand your message you want to convey and he will also know that you are a well educated person and have skills to demonstrate your ides so he will keep visiting your blog for future searching.
Good quality content not only increases your post rank but it also plays a very vital role in getting approval for many earning sites like google Adsense.


Always write a post by keeping in mind that which type of people will be searching for this topic on which I am going to write. If the post you are going to write is for beginners and newbies then don't try to use difficult wordings and long explanations.
Just write that post in simple words which all can easily understand also those who are not much educated. In this way, people will feel glad when they will clearly understand what you want to convey them and they will happily come back to your blog again and again to see your services.


Always use a user friendly template means a template on which a visitor can easily find his desired post without facing any wrong attempts. A user friendly template not only takes much time of visitor to find his desired stuff but he/she also feels comfortable and always tried to search for your blog firstly in future.
User-friendly template is also SEO friendly and well designed. Templates are the clothes of a Blog so keep your blog keen and tidy with decently designed templates.


Submitting your Blog url to these three website will definitely increase the availability of your blog on the first pages of google. For example if your blog is not submitted to google then a personal can never find your blog in google by just searching for your blog title but when you have a google submitted blog, anyone can find your blog by just searching for you blogs title and this helps you you get that traffic too which means alot to your success rate.

The other helpful response which you get after submitting your blog to these search engines that they also require your blogs Sitemap too which is injected into these search engines and gives your blog a proper place in their platform.


Back-links plays the role of agents for your blog. By creating backlinks you just inject your blog into roots of other websites and social medias. Although every social media don't allow to submit our URL to it so backlinks are the option to enter into them. when we make backlinks to ny website then our blog also starts appearing in their platform and people comes directly from these platforms to our blog.
Making backlinks are very helpful but also a very concentrated work. Because many links and URL,s got de-indexed by making backlinks on porn and spammy sites. So be alert while making backlinks. You can use trusty SEO backlink generator widget to make backlinks.


Facebook page plugin on your blog shows the availability of your blog on facebook too. As we know that most of the people use facebook and majority of traffic are gain from social medias so people like that when they see that we are also on Facebook, they not only follow us on facebook but also whenever we share a new post of our blog on our facebook page, they also came to know that we just updated a new post.
Facebook comment plugin is very much important to get reviews appreciations below your blog posts because everyone don't use Gmail account all the time but there are more chances that a visitor is currently online on facebook too, so it will be very easy for him to comment his experience with your post below because it is as same for him as he is just commenting on a facebook post while most of the people do not comment below your post because they are not regular and continuous users of email account.

So guys this was my three years experience about how to increase traffic on Blog. I hope this will definitely help you alot. If you found this post helpful then don't forget to comment your experience below and you can also subscribe us at the bottom to be updated every time we get a new post. Thank you for your keen interest in reading my article.
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