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From the start of the time, everyone is in a struggle to take his brand and business the first page of every search engine. As google is the biggest search engine so everyone wish to get his business on the google as well as on the first page of google too. Today I will tell you that how you can take your business live on google and how it will lead you to highest peak of success in business.

Most of the community of old ages running a business don't know much about using the internet to promote their business but its an opportunity for a new generation to go through the internet while promoting their business as they are growing in the age of social media and internet marketing.

I found this business marketing solution while browsing the internet freely so it's my advice to all of you that whenever you have spare time, must search for different useful things on google because it not only increases your knowledge but also gives you a pretty good content to share with others.


* A Gmail Account
* A Website with Business name domain ( .com , .in , .org , .net / Submitted to search engines )
* A Valid Address
* A Contact Number
* A Business LOGO
  A Facebook page
  A twitter Account
  An Instagram Account
( points with start '*' are necessary and others are useful. All these requirements must show your business )

What to do next?

Go to your google+ account by opening your Gmail ID . After this, your google+ account will be in front of you. this google+ account will remain same because Google+ account cannot be used on google to show business in worldwide.

Now at the top left, open the menu bar and open " All Pages or Create Page Option " . Now you will have to make a business page . Create your business account with your business correct name, correct address, number, website and other requirements which are needed.

One thing keeps in mind that extra information you will give on your business page will be beneficial for your users and costumers because they will have several chance to reach you.

In LINK Tab, add your website and connect your website with your google page. Add external links to your social media accounts and pages showing or representing your business.
Once you have completed all your details, now your business page is 55% Ready but it is still " unverified " and it is not added to google yet and you can also not find this on google as it is unverified.
Business can be verified once you add the business address and location on google maps, once google finds your address in maps, it will lead you to verification step.

How to Add your Business Address or Location ?

You have just made a business account and this was an initial step, the real business page don't looks like this. yo can say that google just gives you a formative page to just get your business details.
Now the next step is to add your Business  Address into your page which then will be added to google maps after verification.
Now again open the menu from top left and in the last options of menu list you will see ADD LOCATION button, just open it now. 
Now you will see a map infront of you with a search bar at the left. Search fro your business address you have given on your business page and surely you will not get any business as you have not added your location yet. 
Again put your address in the search bar and press enter or search, you will see two options poped out below. 
One will be showing that "we don't find your business" and other will be showing that " i have used correct name or address " . 
add location of your business

Choose second option and open it. Now its time to Add your location . Add correct address with correct Country, state, city, zip code and exact address.

 How to Verify Your Page?

That's the most interesting step and it is because google,s verification method is quite professional.
While adding your location, google will also ask you to verify your address. It will give you two options to verify your address.

One will be " Online verification " ( by submitting your bill or any documents representing your business address ) and other will be by " Post verification step " ( google will send a verification Letter by post at your address to verify that is its a real address or not ) .

Choose your easy one but my favorite is by post verification , it not only verifies your address but you also have a hard copy letter which you can use to show your business proficiency that how vast is your business .

How does Google know that Address Verified when they Use Post Method?

After choosing post verification method, google will automatically notify you that they have sent the verification code by post on your address and you will get a letter within 14 days. The code they have to send in a post is your verification Pin. Once you get this, you will need to put it in google verification code bar which you can find after opening the Business Page.

google business verification code

Once you get your verification code and verifies your page, you page will be then available on google whenever a person will search for your business name and address.

Your page will remain unverified until you get the code and will not be visible to google. After verification, you can also access your business page monitoring and insights where you can see that how much people visited to your business and from which places and for how long they stay on your business page.

NOTE : After Verification code appeal, your business will be changed into a new look which is the real look of your business page as i mentioned above the first created page is just for a formality.
google business pagelook

Now add your further details to that page as you will see many new options on that page. Add your website again, your business internal and external images and your Business logo and profile pic.

how to add your info to google business page

Thank you for your keen interest in my article. I hope you enjoyed this method alot. Comment below if you Like .

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