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Australian Student Visa Guide

australian student visa guide

Australia is one of the best countries for education purpose and for that it is ranked 3rd in the world in the sense of international level studies for international students all over the world. The peaceful environment, 100% literacy rate, friendly ways, mixed cultures have made this possible to become a favorite country for those students who wish to become highly educated from highly recommended education providers which are possible in Australia.


There is a proper way for students to get their student visa's soon by going through a lengthy process in which there are many stages from which a student have to pass while preparing for visa file. Below I am going to tell you the whole process by which you can easily complete your visa process.


The first thing you will need to do is IELTS . Ielts stands for International English Language Testing System which is necessary for a student to pass with good Bands. Ielts is the requirement by DIBP and Australian Education Providers according to their policy that no one can continue his study in australia without having IELTS certificate. IELTS is totally based on english and is conducted to test the english level of a student rather he is able to read, write, speak and listen english language. so for this confirmation this test is required. Ielts is based on four different types of modules with same language.


At this time, two agencies are conducting IELTS test for Pakistani Students. AEO & BRITISH COUNCIL . You can choose one of them and can register for IELTS test online also or by going to their office as soon as you think you are now fully prepared for your IELTS test.

Once you appeared in IELTS and successfully passed your exam with good grades now its time to start your visa process by getting admission into your desired institute.


Go to your nearer consultant, register yourself with them and ask them to get an admission for you in a specific university or a college for you so that you can continue your visa process. after rewieing your educational documents and your Ielts test consultant will apply in that institute where your profile is matching with the institutes admission crieteria.
there are two type of institutes in Asutralia in which you apply for your desired course. One is SVP and Other is Non-SVP .

difference between svp and non svp

Svp stands for streamed line visa processing. SVP universities and colleges are under the supervision of government and getting admission in any of these svp institutes will rais your visa chances because these svp institutes are trusted by the government but it is hard to get admission in svp because their admission criteria are harder than that of non-svp. Admission criteria of all svp institutes are not always same but almost all have many common requirements.

Admission Criteria For SVP ( Bachelors Program )

  • 6.0+ Bands in IELTS with no band less than 5.5 , 60% minimum marks in intermediate, Passport, Matric Mark Sheet , National ID card . ( Documents should be attested by notary or 17 scale govt teacher . ONLY COPIES)

some universities require 6.5 bands too for their admission because of the high global ranking and standard.

Admission Criteria For SVP ( Foundation of Bachelors )

In foundation of bachelors program you will study one year of foundation studies before starting your bachelors and this happens only when you are having less than 60%  but more than 50% marks in your intermediate. ( you will have to extra fee for foundation program )

Admission Criteria For SVP ( Elicose to Bachelors )

In Elicose program you will have to attend an english language course program ranging from two weeks to 16 weeks according to the instructions of university or college. This elicose program is for those students who got less than 6.0 Bands but more than 5.o Bands in IELTS and some time you can also face elicose even after having 6.0 bands if you have less than 6.0 bands in any module. ( You will have to pay an extra fee for your elicose program )

Admission Criteria For SVP ( Diploma to Bachelors : D2D )

In D2D program you will have to complete a diploma program of two years before leading to degree. This diploma will be done in australia with its specific fee. After completing diploma of your specific field you will directly moved into the 2nd year of bachelors of in the 1st year of bachelors depends on the university. This diploma program is for those students who are having less than 50% marks in intermediate but more than 45% marks because 45% is also the dead line in Pakistan too.

 Non-Svp institutes are private sectors education providers. The non-svp case has less chances than svp because of the big difference between the government sector and private sector and a  difference between the admission criteria of svp and non-svp.
The admission criteria of non-svp is slightly different from svp in a way that you can get admission in direct bachelors in non-svp even after having less than 50% marks and even after having less than 6.0 bands in Ielts too. This weak admission criteria makes the student visa chances also low but there are also some good non-svp institutes which have strong admission criteria and high visa ratio also.


After applying for admission into an SVP university or college you can have an interview call by their Representative in your country in which they will ask about your previous qualification, your IELTS, your sponsor's details and etc what they will want to ask but sometimes they don't call for interview if they clearly understand your documents.

After applying to svp you will get a conditional offer letter via email from the university if you meet their admission requirement. In this conditional offer letter they are asking you to show them your financial documents to verify that are you financially strong and able to live and study in Australia or not. Once they verify your financial documents they will send you the complete offer letter without any condition and then you will have to pay your fees for getting your COE . ( you cannot pay the fee unless you donot have an unconditional offer letter.
COE stands for Confirmation Of Enrollment.


VISA file is the final step towards your student visa because after that Department of Immigration Australia will instruct you. Below I will tell you about the documents required for a strong visa file.


  • IELTS ( with notarized copy )
  • Matric Mark Sheet  ( with notarized copy )
  • Character Certificate of Matric ( with notarized copy )
  • Intermediate Mark Sheet  ( with notarized copy )
  • Character Certificate of Intermediate ( with notarized copy )
  • Diploma ( If any ) ( with notarized copy )
  • College Recommendation Letter ( notarized )


Sponsor's Bank Statement  ( 03 Months Old or More ) with Cover letter / Loan Letter

If Showing Sponsor's Job as a source of Income

  • Job Letter ( with notarized copy )
  • Salary Pay Slips ( with notarized copy )
  • Job Experience Letter ( with notarized copy )
  • Self Declaration of job ( On Legal Paper in English with Oath Commissioner's attestation )

If Showing Sponsor's Business as a source of Income

  • Business Bank Statement ( Original )
  • Business NTN Number and TAX paid slips ( if possible ) ( Original )
  • Two Visiting Cards of  Business  ( Original & English Translated & Notarized )
  • Business Declaration on Letter Pad ( Letter Head in English translation & Oath Commissioner's verification ) 

If Showing Property or Land as a source of Income

  • Fard of Property ( English Translation and Notarized Copy of  both Urdu and English )
  • Land TAX Receipts ( notarized )
  • Sale Receipts of Land,s Agriculture ( Notarized with English Translation )
  • Declaration of Agriculture Buyer ( On letter head with Oath Commissioner verified with Translation )
  • Buyer ID Card Copy ( English Translated and Notarized )
  • Self Declaration By Seller ( English Translated and Oath Commissioner's Verified on Legal Paper )

If Showing Rental Property as a source of Income

  • Property Valuation Certificate ( From Patwari or Govt Property Dealer & Notarized )
  • Tenant and Owners Agreement ( On Legal paper & oath commissioner verification ) 
  • Property Tax Receipts ( Notarized )
  • Tenant's ID Card Copy ( English Translated & Notarized )


  • Candidates ID Card ( English Translated & notarized cop )
  • Sponsor's ID Card  ( English Translated & notarized cop )
  • Sponsor's Affidavit  ( On legal Paper with Oath attestation )
  • Bay form & Family Registration Certificate 
  • Detailed CV ( Resume ) 
  • Annual Income Certificate By Towns Counselor or Nazim ( On His Letter Head with Oath's Attestation & English Translation )
  • *SOP >> Statement Of Purpose ( Well Maintained in Hard & Soft Copy )
  • Police Clearance Certificate  ( From Area Police Station )
  • Polio Vaccination Certificate ( From Area Govt Hospital )
  • Bank Draft of AUD550$ on the name of Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia 


  • Prepare Your File in a Neat Way and Try to assemble documents in a way that a person who examines your file can clearly understand what you want to say .
  • Write your statement of purpose by yourself and feels any problem then ask your consultant.
  • Every Single document which is in Urdu must be translated into English.
  • All documents should be Notarized and All affidavits and Declarations must Be Attested by Oath Commissioner.


Now there are few documents remaining which are visa documents and these documents will be filled by your agent and after completing these your consultant will submit your file to Australian Embassy Center so that they can proceed this to Australian embassy ASAP. Once your file Reached in Australian Embassy, they will notify you or your agent with Acknowledgement Letter.

After getting Acknowledgment Letter via email now its time for Medical & Bio-metrics. Your consultant will take an appointment for you and on the mentioned date you will have your medical and bio-metric according to the information mentioned in your appointment letter. Be on time and must bring , your polio vaccination certificate and your passport with you.

Ask your consultant to make an immigration student visa processing account for you on the website of the department of immigration and Border Protection so that you will be able to see that at which stage your visa file is. 

After medical and Bio-metric now its time to prepare yourself for Interview. On of the member of DIBP will call you for interview to check that are you a genuine student or are you having justifications to study in Australia or not. Just Read out your SOP because you will have to answer them according to your SOP only otherwise there is high risk if you answered them out of your SOP, and you must be known to your visa conditions also, they can ask about it.

Sometimes they don't call for interview. If your case is SVP then they wll Grant you Visa and If your Case is Non-Svp then they will ask for COE. And if they are not satisfied with your answers, they will simple Refuse your visa.

Why Visa Got Rejected?

  • Because of Untidy File As-semblance.
  • Poor SOP
  • Ir-relevancy of future selected course with previous
  • qualification.
  • Financial Ties.
  • Un-cleared Medical
  • Poor Interview.
  • Your Area Crises.
  • Fake Documents.

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