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Top Google Chrome Extensions

google chrome extensions by own abbas

Google Chrome is an awesome fast browsing having many functions. One of the most attractive function is that it have several extensions and apps which we can use to handle big problems which we can face at any moment on social media and personal requirements. These extensions are free of cost and you can use them at any time when you are connected to the internet but only with google chrome because these extensions are only supported on Google Chrome webs browser. Once you added an extension to your chrome browser, it will start appearing at the top right of your browser and will remain there until your remove it.

google chrome extension icon place

Screenshot Extension

Screenshot extension helps you to take a screen capture at your emergency time when you cant save anything from the internet and at that time you can use chrome screenshot extension by which you can easily take a capture of your PC screen in any dimension and of any selected area. Go to that extension from below button. Add this and enjoy.

screenshot extension

Accept/Delete All Facebook Friend Request

Facebook all friend request accepting extension allows you to accept all friend request from facebook which is a difficult task to do manually and you can also reject all friend requests also with the same extension. So now you can enjoy the free extension of google chrome when you have a bulk of friend requests on facebook.

accept and delete freinds requests extension

Unfriend All Facebook Friends

Facebook unfriend all friends at once with this free chrome extensions. Now there is no need to worry about cleaning your friend list manually. Now you can clean your friend list with a single click. You can add the extension from below.

unfriend extension

Invite All friends to Page/ Suggest All Friends

Invite all friends on facebook page was never so easy in the beginning because inviting thousands of friends on a page one by one is so much difficult and time consuming and there is another issue of suggesting friends to another account. If you have a problem with one Account and you want to tell your friends about your other account so you can also suggest all of your friends to another account with a single click by using the same extension of inviting friends. Feel free to add this extension below.
Invite All friends to Page extension

Facebook Video Download Extension

Downloading a facebook video is always dependent on your internet download manager which everyone don't has. So those people who are having trouble in downloading facebook videos can use this chrome extension to fully access the downloading feature of facebook.
Facebook Video Download Extension

See Who Unfriend You On Facebook

This was never possible before to find out on facebook that who unfriends you when you have too many friends in your friend list. But now you can easily see that who unfriends you and you can also discover from him/her the reason if you want. Use this free extension to stay updated on facebook activities.
See Who Unfriend You On Facebook

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