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Facebook Time Saving Tricks

Facebook Time Saving Tricks
Facebook is a worlds leading social networking site which was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg a student of Howard University. Facebook proves to be the best media ever because people love to show their view and moments on it as there are millions of people who have joined facebook. Facebook is worlds number one social networking site which was built on the concept of just meeting the university students directly to the university administration and after the successful completion of this thought, other universities shows their keen interest to join facebook and this interest leads to the worlds interest now because any person knows about internet or not, educated or not but he knows that there is a pleasing facebook which is so attractive.
People meet new people from all over the world on facebook so for the ease of their members, facebook introduces many functions and features like you can send friend request to any one, you can message any one, you can advertise your business, you can share your moments with people and bla bla ..Today i will tell you about some useful  features and tip for facebook.

How to Delete all Messages

People uses bulk of messages daily to chat with their loved ones and family, friends. But when the time comes to delete these chats and you need to delete every single message then it sucks. But now you can easily delete all messages with a single click.
Note : This method is only for Chrome users.
You will just need to add an extension to your chrome browser which is an easy task.

  1. Add chrome extension to your browser by pressing ADD TO CHROME button at the top right.
  2. Now after adding extension, simply move to your facebook messages.
  3. you will see that your added extension will start appearing at the top right corner of your browser.
  4. open that extension by pressing it and you will see an option to to delet all facebook messages and you are successfully done.
You can directly go to the extension by going to below link.

                                                             ADD TO  CHROME

How to Merge Two Pages

People use merging of two pages with same name and category. this is only don when a person having two pages with same names and having different number of fans on oh pages bu he want to combine these two pages.
Note : In merging two pages you will definitely loose posts of that page having lower likes.

  1.  Go to a third page which will be used to start your merging process and this page can be of any name or with 0 likes.
  2. Go to General settings and at the bottom, you will see Merge Pages option you will need to open.
  3. Now a blue link saying Merge Duplicate Pages will appear and you just need to open it.
  4. Now choose your both pages you want to merge or combine to get a single page with both pages fans.
  5. Once you choose both pages, go for merging and it some times asks to select a page you want to keep but when you have a big difference between likes of both pages then facebook automatically tells you their descion that which page you want to keep.
  6. After this start merging and within a few minutes you will have all your facebook fans on both pages will be combined on a single page.
Note : If a single user liked your both pages then you will get 1 like after merging.
Thank you for your keen attention. If you feel any difficulty regarding this article then do Contact Us.

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