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How to Remove Spots From Face in Adobe Photoshop 7.0

difference between a cleaned and uncleaned face

Cleaning a face in Adobe Photoshop is a difficult task when we do it manually because it's a work of full concentration and continuous usage of more buttons in one time. Most of the boys and girls hesitate from having a snap because of their face acne or spots. Some wish that there should be some sort of miracle which can clean their faces even in images just. Very often some people miss beautiful places selfie snaps because of that acne problem,but today I will tell you about how you can remove spots from your face by using Adobe-Photoshop 7.0 in a few minutes. So let's start with some steps with complete text, images, and video tutorials.

Step By Step Procedure

  • Go to Adobe-Photoshop and open your desired image into it , you want to remove spots from which. Double tap on the empty screen of Adobe and a pop-up will appear in front of you from where you can select your desired image as shown below.

select an image first

Now select your desired image and press OK to import that photo into Photoshop.

  • Now the next step is to start removing the spots from the face. Now go to tool panel at the left and choose the Healing Brush Tool from the list as shown below.
healing brush tool
Once you have chosen this tool and your image you are done with the second step.

  • The next step is to go to the face, take your round tool cursor at the clean place of your face, keep pressing the alt key and then press left button of your mouse. Now you have chosen the area you want to place on the spots of your face which will hide the spots. Now go release the alt key and go to any spot, keep the tool over it and again press left mouse button and you will see that the spot will become disappeared as shown below.
spot and spotless face

  • The next step is to smooth the face by using Clone Stamp Tool which is used to mix the colors and make the skin plane and smoother as shown below.

clone stamp tool

  • After choosing this tool, go to that image again do the same step by keep pressing the alt key and select a plane area from the face which matches with the rest face. This smoothing tool is a Lil bit difficult to use because it's a completely manual work with superb timing. Note that your smoothing tools readings must be like below.

scaling set

Now it's time to start smoothing the face.

  • Go the face and select an area from where you want to start smoothing.
  • Now you will need to keep pressing the alt key with left mouse button after regular interval. This step cannot be learned in the first time because it's the most difficult tool to use. As much practice you will do to learn this your using practice will become more efficient. 
Below is the image of that same tool done by same method by an Adobe Expert ( Own Abbas )
stamp tool work
  • After having a clean spotless image you can save it into any format you want. Be sure that you have corrected the brightness of your image too because sometimes people neglect these things before saving. You can manage brightness of the image by using a short key ctrl+M and after that, you will see a pop-up showing a graph as shown below.

adjust face brightness
  • Keep this turned line up and down from the middle to increase or decrease your image brightness.

To become an expert in using this tool ( Clone Stamp Tool ) you will need to become a regular user of adobe photoshop and your keen concentration is required in this work. Don't leave your desire incomplete because we are giving full lectures over it. We will not leave this process over here because below we have given the video tutorial too in Urdu from where you can also learn very easily, which steps you missed above. Feel free to contact us. We are here to hear you ad present for 24 hours to give you the ever best photoshop service.

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