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How to Delete & Remove Background in Adobe Photoshop 7.0

before and after deleted background

There is a very big difference between removing and deleting a background of an image in adobe photoshop. Most of the people don't know about that difference and takes both things same. This misunderstanding sometimes led those people into a confusing difficulty when they try to delete a background with the method of removing a background. You can see the difference below in the image.

difference between removing and deleting a background

Deleted Background

In deleted background image you only have an image without any background. whenever you will upload that image to supported platform, only the visible part will be uploaded and there will be no background behind it. The tiny gray and white boxes behind the image are temporary which got disappeared once you save that image.

Removed Background

In the removed background, you can see an image with the white background. Actually the main confusion, people held in that they think that the white background is totally removed but in real its still a white layer which just removes your background by replacing itself with it. So whenever you will upload this image, you will always found a white background too behind that image.
This was the main difference. Hope you Got my point exactly. Today I will teach you about the both processes.

How to Delete a Background

  • Take your desired image into the adobe photoshop. For example, we take an image of a butterfly from which we want to delete the whole background except the butterfly.

sample image
  • Now it's time to choose a cropper from the tool panel. Remember that there are many types of cropping tools in tool panel but you will need to only choose that which you can use easily. I recommend choosing the Pen Tool because it's easy to use.

adobe pen tool for cropping or selecting an area
  • After choosing the tool, go to that image and crop the butterfly by using the tool. Don't getting my point? Go to that place you want to start from and place the Pen tip on that place and press left click and a black dot will start appears over there. Now keep selecting the image by mouse until you reach the start point again. Once you reached the starting point, your plotted path will become a lined path automatically as shown. 

selected area
  • You can see that there is a there is a narrow line around the boundary of the butterfly. Now right click on the butterfly and-and choose Make Selection option and then press Ok. Now can see the blinking dots at the cropped area which means your image is cropped successfully. Now press ctrl+c to copy the cropped part.
  • Now press ctrl+N and a new pop-up will become appear in front of you from where you can choose your desired new page dimension.          

open new page
  • After choosing your desired dimension, Press OK and a new empty page will be opened in front of you.
  • Go to that empty page and press ctrl+A and you will see that whole page will be selected. No go to Tool panel and select background eraser tool.

background removal tool
  • After choosing that tool, go to that new empty window and single click over it or you can double click if eraser is not showing any result. Once you see some dots after erasing, press Delete button from the keyboard and the whole page will be converted into small gray and white boxes which indicate that you have deleted the background. 
  • Now press ctrl+V and your copied cropped image will be on it.

Note : After pasting image to deleted background window, customize the size of cropped image by choosing Crop tool and then right click on cropped image and select Free Transfer option to re-size it. 

cropping tool
  • Now save that image into PNG format by pressing ctrl+S and you have successfully erased the background of an image.


How to Remove a Background

Removing a background is almost same to deleting a background process but the only changing you need to do is that just don't delete the background of the new opened empty window. Simply paste your cropped image into it by pressing ctrl+V and save it in JPEG format and you are also done with it.

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