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Basics Of Graphic Designing

Learn Graphic Designing

Graphic designing has now become the most interested work nowadays. The online ordering contains 90% of designing work because everyone cannot learn it usually. People use to look for free graphic design services in which. they need not much experience to complete their work. So today I am going to tell you about free and easy online graphic designing and logo designing websites.


Canva is a free online service which provides you a complete verity of customize-able designs and various templates of different dimensions for your work. It often happens that when you make a blog or need a cover photo or you need a header image for youtube , it really sucks when you don't have any of them. But now there is no need to download various useless software which claim to do your work perfectly but they Don't in real. Canva is a free online service. You need no credit card or paid registration for it. But there are paid templates in it which you can use if you demand a profession work. But you not need to worry about that because your most of the work is done with the free templates.

How it works

Canva contains hundreds of templates with different dimensions like Facebook covers, twitter header, facebook posts, flyers, magazine covers and much more you want to have.
You just need to sign up for canva in three easy steps. Confirm your email  , set a password and start designing your own brochures.


Designmantic is a free logo maker online website which provides you a number of free logo designs with different categories from which you can choose yours by having your text under it. There is no need to sign up for it as it's an open free logo maker website. Just go to that website , give your organization or business name , provide a suitable slogan and choose a category. Now you can see all the logos having your information under them. Simply select your logo and download it.

Note : Sometimes these free services do not meet user requirements because a number of people use free services and its unaffordable for the owner to give High results to every user.


Flixpress is a video designing website which offers their user to make at least 20 videos for free which they can use as a promotional or introductory video.

For a free video, flixpress offers 5 excellent templates which you can customize online by giving your image files and text. It will automatically convert your typed information into a 3D HD video. This is an amazing feature and not all other websites provide this free HD videos for free. You just need to sign up and you can make your own videos very easily.

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