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Earn with Propeller Ads Media

how to earn with propellerads media

PropellerAds Media is one of the highest rates paying after Google Adsense. Propellerads Media was introduced in 2011 ant till in a very short time it has become so much popular that everyone is rushing towards it whoever got disapproval from other Ads viewing sites like google Adsense or Propellerads media is not a local website because it has high rates of CPC ( cost per click ) and CPM ( cost per minute ). You will become shocked when you will hear that propellerads can give up to $7 with a single click, depends on upon from which country it was and what is your CPM .


CPC stands for cost per minute. Whenever a visitor will come on your blog/website and remains there for at least one minute, then according to your average rate of cost per click, which increases the traffic will give you revenue for having a visitor for one minute on your website. For example, if your CPM is $10 then it means that whenever 1000 visitors will stay for one minute on your website, you will get $10+ impression revenue too. To increase your CPM rates and earnings you will need to increase your traffic by having a rich content on your website which attracts people towards them.


CPC stands for cost per click. CPC rates don't increase with the passage of time and traffic because they don't depend on traffic, they rely on the location of that visitor who clicked on it, the time of visitor which he spends after opening ad and the profit given by the ad advertiser. CPC rates are different in different ads and ads showing websites like google Adsense has high CPC rates then others. From propellerads media, you can earn up to $0.2 to $7 depends on the criteria of the click.

Why to Choose PropellerAds Media?

Propellerads media have many types of ads with different dimensions and customization which don't affect your website/blogs look and also give you a pretty amount of money. there are many low paying websites which requires big amount of content , traffic for their approval but propellerads media are even high paying site from them and also have not many requirements to get approval. You can easily get approval from propellerads media by signing up for it. But it didn't mean that you can get propellerads media on an empty blog because it has requirements but very less.

How to Get Approval for PropellerAds Media

  • Your Blog must have 10 articles with at least 300 words per article.
  • There should not be any copy write material and sexual abusive content on your website/blog .
  • You must have 50-100 daily visitors and 200 pageviews.
Note : There are many ads which you can only use when your daily pageviews are 10k-50k.

 How to Register

Go to PropellerAds Media Registration Page and select Publisher from above if it's not selected already and then complete the registration form by giving your correct information like your own email address and website/blog link.


Once you registered yourself, propellerAds media will send you a confirmation email or sometimes not but it will email you definitely in which they will tell you to wait for some time, so that can review your website.

After that within a day, you will get their email reply again that your website/blog meet their requirements successfully and now your account is approved so you can start earning by pasting their Ads on your platform.

They will also send you your account details like your username and password to access your account. Now login to your account and create Ads.

How to Create Ads?

After Logging In to your PropellerAds media account, you will see a slider bar with several options at the left. Choose sites option from the list.

apply step 1
After opening site, you will see Add New Channel option from where you will have to create your Ads. After going to this option, you will see a list of Ads types you can place on your blog. Choose pop-under ads from them.
After choosing that, below there will be two Ads for mobile viewers. Both are good, so you can choose anyone from them and move to Next step.
Here you will have to give name to your Ads whatever you want to give and then move on to next option to Get Code of the Ad.
Copy the code and to your Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > Html and then paste the code in it. Now you are successfully done in placing Ad on your blog. You can make more Ads and place them at different places of your blog layout.

      Now you have successfully added propellerads to your blog. Enjoy revenue now.
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