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How to Make a Successful Blog

how to make a blog

Blog is a type of website with free Blogspot domain name and free hosting. Blogger introduced free hosting blogs for lifetime use to those peoples who cannot buy hosting or don,t know well about the website because blog on blogger is very easy to use. Blogger is a worldwide used service from which people are getting an advantage of free blogging. There is an unlimited storage in a free blog and you can turn your blog into any type of work. there is no need to sign up for blogger because blogger is basically attached to your Gmail account so you can simply log in to your blogger account by giving your gmail details.

Only making a blog is not the whole process because a successful blog is only obtained after getting work on it. Today I will tell you about not how to make a blog but how to make a successful and a complete blog with step by step process.

How to Start by making a Blog

  1. Go to and sign in with your Gmail account, if you don't have a Gmail account then first make a Gmail account.
  2. After Signing into your blogger account you will see a Create A Blog button and you just need to go through it.
  3. After starting your new blog, blogger will ask to choose a suitable title for your blog and the a suitable domain name for your blog. (e.g
  4. After this on next step, you will see some blogger templates for your blog. Chose one of them for temporary use because these templates not going to give your blog a professional look.
  5. After that, your blog is ready to use because you have successfully built a blog.
Now you have a simple blog with no posts on it. First of all, you will need to change your blog template to give your blog a professional look. Paid templates are recommended but you can use free templates for your blog. There are several website who offer free templates.

Websites for Free Templates

Following websites are the best blogger templates providing sites. You just need to go to any of these websites. select your template . Take a look at their Live Preview and then after selecting a suitable template, download that template.

How to add template to Blog

Once you have downloaded your desired template, now it's time to use this template. The downloaded template will be in the form of zip file so you just need to unzip that file which contains the template source file in XML format. 
xml file
  • Go to your blogger dashboard and here you will see blogger panel below new post on your left. new post creation button
  • Go the template and you will see a Backup/Restore button at the right. backup and restore button
  • Click on that button and a pop-up will become in front of you where you can choose a file button at the bottom.
  • Now upload the XML format file you have to unzip from the download template.
  • Once your upload completes, your new template is applied on your blog and you can see you your blog by visiting it.

Types of Blog Templates

There are many types of blogger templates which you can use on your blog for different purposes. Like if you want to make a personal blog then you can add any simple templates to your blog but if you want to make a photography, e-commerce or software blog then you must choose the relevant template for your blog which is also available free of cost on above-mentioned template websites.

Disable your own Blog Views

Whenever a person will visit your blog, your blogger dashboard will show you that visit in the form of page views including your own page views you make while checking your posts. so if you want blogger not to track your page views
  • Go to Stats in the blogger panel
  • Here you will see don't track your own pageviews option at the right of stats pannel.
  • Use this link button and disable your own pageviews to be tracked by a blogger in future.
After doing all this now your blog can be considered a well developed and designed blog because you worked on it and make it look like that. Read our other articles to know about the advantages of a blog and how you can run a successful blog on google. Thank you for your attention.

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