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                     Earn Online with Google Adsense

earn with google adsense

Earning online is the biggest work have been done by people on the internet from their homes or places. Everyone today is in search of some sort of online job which can pay him a huge amount of money by spending a little time. Because of this interest, many people took advantage of that and have made such type of fake websites which only takes your working but didn't pay you. Today I will tell you about how to relevant such websites and how you can earn online from your home. You just need to send some time and you will get an awesome revenue .

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the number one website giving a plenty amount of money by working. Google Adsense is an Ad showing website which gives you high rates on a single click ranging from $0.2 - $12.00 but this depends upon from which region you got that click , what was your CPC ( Cost Per Click ) rate and how much traffic you were having. Google Adsense asks you to place their ads on your website/blog and whenever a person visited your site will click on the Ad, you will be paid for it by google Adsense. There is one thing more that you not only get revenue by just having a click but you also get revenue for the impressions on your website/blog too.

How to Get Google Adsense?

One of the hardest tasks is to get google Adsense and to manage it because as google Adsense is worlds highest paying website so that's why there is also a hard criteria for users to get approval for google Adsense on blog or website. But it's also not so hard if you follow the policies of google AdSense and then you can easily get an approved google Adsense account. Below there are some top tips from which you can get a google Adsense account on your blog.
  • Your Blog must have a good domain name that people can remember easily either its .com or domain.
  • The template of your blog should be easy to understand with a clean and clear cut layout which attracts a visitor to its customization.
  • Your blog should be submitted to google and other safe search engines so that your blog could appear in search boxes.
  • Your blog must have 2000 visits before applying for google Adsense.
Note : Don't view your blog by your own to incraese blog views because it can cause problem. And if you want to remove your IP as a viewer then from STATS option you can hide your  own visited views from the counter.
  • Your Blog must have 50-80 visitors on the daily basis so that your blog will look like a professional blog.
  • You must have at least 30 Posts on your blog before applying go Adsense and each post must not be less than 400 hundred words because google Adsense does not approve those sites which contain short posts. You can use Word Counter to count the number of words of your post.
  • Your Blog posts must be related to you your other posts and should not contain any type of nudity, pornography, sexual abuses, hacking software and all those things which are against google policies because google Adsense does not accept such type of content.
  • You Blog must have Home , Privacy Policy , Contact Us and About Us pages on your blog because these are necessary.
  • Your blog must not have to show other multiple ads of different sites before applying.
  • The posts on your blog must have sharing buttons below them and a contact form at the bottom of your blog or at any good position.

I Recommend google followers plugin and subscription box too to be shown on your blog.

All the Instructions shown above are A-Z method to become a good blogger and get an approved google Adsense account. The above information is guaranteed and f you feel any sort of difficulty then you can Contact Us. Thank you for your Attention. Keep Visiting.

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