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Earn With Dailyuploads

Daily uploads is a marketing website enables you to earn through downloads. There are several type of online jobs on the internet now but daily uploads are one of the effortless jobs on which you don,t have to spend much of your time to get traffic and earn. Daily uploads is quietly a new way of earning although, for those who don,t have website and blogs because now you can create a download link to your product directly from daily uploads.

Daily uploads not only allows you to earn but it also keep your product promotion high while earning. It happens in a way that whenever you will earn by a single download , your product will also be promoted to that person who did that download. So by giving $ for promotion you will get $ for your own product promotion. Is it amazing na?

How to Earn with Daily Uploads?

Daily uploads don,t need any type of requirement and approval process like other online websites You can directly go to the site, sign up and start earning.

How to start?

When you will go for sign up process, it will ask you about your personal details , email verification and for payment information. Except payment information, every step is necessary to be fill up because sometimes people don,t know or have their payment details , so they can come later and give that.

After a successful Sign Up, now you are a member of daily uploads and can start your earning career now. Sign into your account and after that you will see a big button in front of you on the screen from where you will have to upload your files.

Once you have uploaded a file to your account, daily upload will issue you a download link of that file immediately which you will have to use as a download link for those people who want to download your file.
Note : Your File size must be 1MB or greater, otherwise you will not get any revenue for that download.
Once you get your file download link, you can share it with your friends and can earn money from each download.

How much we can earn?

Your earning are totally based on the number of downloads and the regions or countries from where these downloads are done. You will be paid according to the country currency rate. There are four categories A, B, C and D for earning rates. These four categories are basically four types of countries. 
Category A contains
Category B contains
The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy & Netherlands
Category C contains
Japan, Polland, Russia, Romania, Hungry, Greece, United Arab, Bulgaria
Category D contains
Other countries
Note : You will be paid for 1000 Downloads every time 
If you get 1000 downloads from A category you will be paid $16, $5 for category B, $3 for category C and $1 for category D. The minimum payout is $35.


Do not download your files by yourself otherwise, you will be banned permanently.
Do not upload Porn Videos.
Read Privacy Policy before starting.

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