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Earn on Youtube with Approved Google Adsense

earn on youtube

Youtube is the worlds biggest online video streaming website which shows every type of video you want to watch over it except nude and sexual videos because these had a bad impact. As we know that youtube is a biggest video channel with millions of daily visitors which have youtube their source of information and source of income too because now everyone can earn a huge ammount of money on youtube by working with google adsense account.

How Youtube has now become a source of income?

It was a time when youtube was only used to watch videos but now it has multi task feature to watch and earn a both. Earning with youtube has now become popular. The question is still unanswered? So let me tell you that you can earn from youtube with the help of google adsense account and adsense Ads. google adsense is the highest paying website when view ads. When you attach your youtube account with google adsense then after approving your google adsense account google adsense give you ads to view over your videos in a way that when you place google adsense ad on your uploaded video and when someone will view your video, he/she will have to go through your ad first to view your video and this impression of viewing ad will pay you for each and every impression and when someone will click on the ad the you will get more revenue ranging from 0.2$ to 12$.

How to make Account on Youtube?

Having an account over youtube is the ever best feature of youtube because if you have a Gmail account then its also your youtube account too. You can login to your youtube account by giving your gmail ID and Password.
Note : Youtube is Blocked in Pakistan, so if you are Pakistani user you will need to use a proxy to access youtube in your area.
You can use HOTSPOT SHIELD to access blocked sites. It's Free.

How to get Google Adsense Account on Youtube?

Once you have a full access to youtube, you can apply for google adsense monetization (enable adsense ads) to earn money from your videos. Getting an Adsense account over youtube is quite simple and easy instead of getting adsense acount over Blog or website. Youtube google adsense is a hosted account which can only be used over youtube not on other or your personal blogs. Only a non hosted adsense account can be used over several blogs and websites which is difficult to gain.

Now go to youtube and sign in to your account with gmail id and you will get logged in. After logging in you will see your image appearing at the top right of youtube page. Scroll your cursor over your square favicon image and press mouse button and here you will see Create Studio button as shown below, just open it. 

Now you are in your admin pannel from where you can or you are handling your youtube account and adjustment of your videos. Now after entering to you administration pannel next step is to apply for google Adsense account.

Attention : You must have following things before applying
  • You must have at least three videos in your youtube channel
  • Each video should be more than 1 minute.
  • Your videos must be made by your own.
  • Your videos mus do not contain any type of nudity.
  • You must have 10-20 Views of your videos.

Now You Can Start

  • Here you will see CHANNEL SETTINGS option in the left bar from where you will have to verify yourself first by opening features.

While verifying yourself, youtube will ask your personal details and your mobile number. After giving correct information youtube will send a verification code to your mobile number to verify you and after entering the code on youtube you will get verified. Refresh you page and you will see that your account has been verified by youtube.

Now its time to enable monetization on your videos by applying for google Adsense account from the current window.
  • Now you can see Monetization option with enabling button below your verified status with a green dot. Press enable button and it will take you directly to the monetization bar from where you will attach a google Adsense account to you youtube channel.

Now in this monetization window, you can see several guidelines and information. Go to How will I be Paid and expand it. Here you will see Associate an Adsense account option from where you will start applying process.

After Going through this option google adsense sign up page will get opened infront of you where it will ask the confirmation that you really wants to enable adsense account with your youtube channel. After confirming your decision it will takes you another page where google will give you two options.
Use your Current Gmail Account For Sign Up
Use a new Gmail Account For Sign Up
Now it's your choice which step you chooses because both steps are safe. After choosing your opinion to google Adsense will ask you about your complete personal details including payment method but you can skip payment method if you don,t have a back account yet.
  • Give your correct details in Sign Up because your future revenues will be sent to the current information so don,t ever give wrong details. Once you fully filled the blanks, submit your application and you are done.
Now Google Adsense Team will review upon your application and will tell you their decision through email in 2 working days or it can take more time also. Once your AdSense account get approved you can start earning.

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