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Online Earning with Fiverr


Fiverr is one the very best online and offline earning website which pays you a pretty amount of money. Fiverr is something in common with Freelancer but Fiverr has its own complexities and honored features which attract people towards it. Fiver gives you the high amount of minimum $5 on completing a single project. There are thousands of people who are using Fiverr so it can take time to have the order to be completed. You must have some good skills in actual life to really enjoy the life of a Fiverr member.

Getting order on Fiverr is one of the most difficult tasks to do. As there are Lacks of people using fiverr so it can lead your chance to a long time or you may get an order in a couple of days because all this depends upon your luck. As many people will be searching for a worker , your chances for getting order will also increase.

How get an order?

Getting order is not an automative work. First, you will need to have a request or an offer in the form of GIG in which you are asking about a paid service to those people who are looking for someone to do their work.


The gig is a type of an offer you're giving to people that you will do their work. In this thing you are asked to make a Gig according to your skill which will be shown to the people who are using Fiverr and in this way you will get an order from other persons.

How to get an order fast?

Only making a GIG with common details and image doesn't work very well on Fiverr. In order to get a fast order, you will need to have an attractive display of your gig image/video which will attract buyers towards your service because your given image will be shown to buyers and you will have to convey your message in your image. You can also use videos to your gig instead of images because it shows a positive point to buyers. Fiverr itself says that " the gigs with videos get 220% more orders than others" so I think video gigs are more working.
  • Try to design to gig images by your own, in this way you can write yours on descriptions quotations in it instead of copying others images.
  • Keep watching the buyer requests to send them your offers and always chose those requests who are having fewer offers sent.

How to make a gig?

You can make only 7 gigs on Fiverr because its fiverr policy. So start your first gig with your full concentration because you don,t have many gigs.

Go to Make a Gig panel and start your gig by giving your gig a suitable title. Then add a suitable image or video to your gig. Give an effective description to your gig, chose categories according to your gig requirement and keep going as mentioned with your options and you are successfully done in making your gig.
Note : Only make that gig which you can realy complete on getting order, mean to say you must have skills about the service you are mentioning in your gig.
There are many types of services you can provide to people like Logo designing, video editing, photo editing and much more. I will suggest you not to make all gigs in a single category. Make your all seven gigs in seven different categories.

How to get Registered?

  • Give you email address at registration panel.
  • choose a unique username and a strong password for your account to protect it from being hacked.
  • Confirm your email address and you are a verified member now.
  • Now join and start your new earning career with the most reliable network.


  1. Always Choose the most trending category before making a Gig.
  2. Do not try to make fake gig because every time you make a gig, the fiverr team take a look at it and then approves it.
  3. Be regular to be online because every user,s online and offline status is shown below his/her gig in the list and buyers mostly choose those whose status is online.
  4.  Be patient while being a member because there is not a confirmed time to get an order, all it depends on your luck and the way of presentation.
  5. When you get an order, don,t become so balance less. Be patient and deal your buyer in a good manner so that he/she will surely choose you also for the next time.
  6. After completing any order,ask your buyer to give a positive review below your gig.
Thank you for your concentration. Please Show your response below. If you have any question regarding this article you can simply Contact Us .

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